I stated in my book, “31 Steps To Your Millions in Antiques & Collectibles”, that the market always corrects itself. I wonder if you, like me, think that this time has come true.

Auction houses have gone from a total of 5% commission to 20%, plus up to 20% buyers premium. Add in insurance, photos, and expenses on top of that and the total to them is 40% to 50% of the total sales price! The online auctions are raising different parts of their fees almost every month. Now the online auctions charge nearly as much as regular auctions but the buyers don’t get to touch and feel the things they are buying.

I see a new wave coming. One example of it is onlineauction.com They are charging $8.00 a month for unlimited listings. If this catches on and they get more listings and hits, this could change this market. What do you think? And do you see any other changes coming?

— Daryle


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