When to sell and not be sorry – Antiques & Collectibles.

Yesterday I was thinking about when is a good time to buy and sell, so here are my thoughts.

You should be buying things that people feel will complete their lives because everyone else is buying them. At the present time there seems to be a unlimited reservoir of buyers for Andy Warhol Art. We just received two offers for one of his prints that was posted on our website for over $30,000.00. This print, “The Witch”, sat around for months, but now everyone wants one. So I think that it is the time to sell.

I remember when people just HAD to have Hummels, Royal Doulton and LLadro figurines. But if you kept them they are only worth about a half of what they were several years ago. Why buy them now and tie up your money? The buyers simply aren’t there; they just collect dust on your selves.

We should only be buying things that are currently hot and not fill our inventory with things that are cold. We may not buy as much but we will turn our item much faster and see our profits soar. I would like for you to share with our readers what you think is hot and whats not?


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