I met John Wayne – Antiques and Collectibles

John Wayne is another name for [Gary Hendrickson] he has a website at http://www.theauctionrebel.com/ where you can be encouraged that the sky isn’t falling. He does most of his teaching about selling on ebay, but I believe that he is a real John Wayne at heart. On his website, he set out to make $10,000.00 by going to garage sales and other places and reports to the people watching his site about his weekly progress. I have intended to start a “Daryle’s plan” on our site http://www.31corp.com/ were I would show how I completed the steps in our plan over a period of time. I am hoping that Gary and I can join up to share things to our watchers that will provide them with insight and a very fruitful life. John Wayne never tried to do a cattle drive by himself so we are looking for cowboys to help us corral this market and we hope you are ready to sign on. As you can see, your club is searching every day for ways that will assure you that the steps in your journey will be completed. Over that next hill will be your reward of financial independence. We need your input and advice on how to get the word out – so share your ideas and suggestions with our group.


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