Its Not to Late – Antiques as Security


The stock market has been taking a beating lately. My wife is in the commodity business and she sent me this e-mail yesterday.“[Sentinel Management Group on Tuesday froze assets in a $1.5 billion fund, saying too many investors are trying to withdraw their money”.

Sentinel Management, which boasts on its website that no client has ever lost money in its fund, makes money mainly by betting on overnight interest rates out-pacing yields on short-term Treasury bonds].

That type of news doesn’t sound good to me and now I know why we are having record prices being paid for good art and collectibles. It is during times like this that I am so happy to just sit and look at the beautiful pieces of art on my wall or hold that special Rookwood vase. It is reassuring to know that my art investments are not only retaining their value, but probably increasing daily.

It is not too late to begin. Start buying the best pieces that you can find, whether for resale or to hold for security. Get ready because this is going to be a great ride for all that are in the business of Antiques, Collectibles and Paintings.


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