Gathering at the Starting Gate – Steady Now

I am so amazed at the reaction that our blog has received today.

I knew that people could be encouraged and that they would take action if they believed in something, but never to this extent. I have been busy all day answering emails from people that are ready to go. We are going to have participants of all ages in this race from elementary school students to senior citizens. I am already worried that I may not be able to keep up, but I said it didn’t matter, right. I am very competitive so I may have to eat my own words.

We are working on the members only section of the website – You should be sure to view it every day for information that will be needed for this race. You, the members of the 31 Club, have gotten me so excited that I will have to rein my thoughts back in. I will get back to sharing informatiom with you that is necessary to assure your success.

I have been viewing the Maine Antique Digest, Antique Weekly and the Antique Trader today, finding that this is the best time in history to begin this race. Record prices are being recorded everyday for paintings, pottery, art glass, furniture and collectibles in general.

The quicker each one of us can come up to speed in our knowledge of the rarities in this market, the sooner our successes will show. Over the next few months I hope to provide the information you will need plus other resources for you to use. This will keep you at the head of the pack. Be sure to get plenty of rest because this isn’t just a sprint but more like the Kentucky Derby! Please share your thoughts about the race with us.


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