Getting Up To Speed. – Are You Prepared?

Have you done the training necessary for our big race?

First, you should let everyone that you know in on your secret. That you are in the business of buying and selling antiques & collectibles.

Second, have you posted flyers that say you are a buyer? Usually you can do this at places like Pet Stores, City Hall, Grocery Stores and many other places.

Third I hope you have spent some time in the library or book store just brushing up on things to look for in your search. Visiting antique shops, malls and going to as many auctions as you can will get you in racing condition.

I very seldom show up where everyone else is hanging out, like the estate sales that have been advertised for months. For me, my time is better spent looking where others my not have been. I go to garage sales and estate sales that have only a brief listing. This elimates most dealers from visiting them.

Also be prepared to travel to areas that aren’t covered by the normal gang of dealers that play follow the leader. I have found some of my best finds at thrift stores. But you must check them frequently because if there is something good there, it won’t be there long. Flea markets are great and you should always start outside were the dealers set up just to sell what they have bought that week. Inside the building you will find dealers that are trying to get retail for their items and they tend to be more knowledgeable. Always go through the buildings however, because I have found bargains even among these dealers.

I hope that you are beginning to feel empowered and, as your knowledge grows, your self confidence will also. I am waiting for those exciting stories that are sure to come from you as members of the 31 Club. Don’t forget to email us with any question at This club is growing ever day. You soon will be getting the blanket of roses for winning your race. I bet you can tell that I am from Kentucky, right?


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