What do Jessie LaVon, Mari Tirabassi and Doug Odom have in common? You guessed it. They are all Outsider Artists.

The story of Jessie is very interesting, and it can be found by putting her name in the Google search. She had a very serious accident, and this changed her approach to art. I think that her pieces might become as famous as Grandma Moses paintings in the future. I know a person that aquired two of her pieces at a garage sale for $75.00. The largest one should bring $500.00 today, and in the future, who knows?

Maria is a new friend of mine. I met her at the Chicago Antique Market where she was set up. As I passed her display, it stopped me in my tracks. Wow, this painter is something special, I thought. After I talked to her sister for awhile, Maria showed up, and what a pleasent surprise that was. She is a very down to earth lady that will never know a stranger. We talked for some time, and then I decided maybe I should let her get back to work. In my opinion, her work is priced very reasonably, and anyone that purchases it today will be well rewarded in the future. Be on the lookout for her paintings, because the world is going to hear about her. I will be listing some of her pieces on our site very soon. Be sure to visit her at the next two Chicago Antique Markets in September and October. If you wait till next year, I think the prices for her pieces will be much higher. You can visit her website at http://www.tirabassiart.com. She is presently represented by several Galleries in the Chicago area.

Last but not least, just being a gentlman, I will share my friendship that has developed between Doug Odom and me. I have talked about Doug in previoue blogs, but much has happened since then.

Doug is the best known Outsider Artist in the country. He was picked to spend several hours with the Bushes in their home. That’s right, George and Laura as in President Bush. They also choose him to do the annual Christmas tree ornament.

Doug was in the Chicago area this past week doing a show in Highland Park, Illinios, and I helped him set up. Not being able to stay for the show because Josh and I were appearing at the Chicago Antique Market, I was only able to return to his show as he was tearing down. You know me, I just had to ask how he did. His answer was that the piece in the back of his booth, which was his center piece, had to be delivered and there were several other pieces missing from his display.

Doug no longer does cheap pieces. He ask me which one of the paintings I wanted, and of course, there before my eyes was this painting that said Churchill Downs on it. So guess what? It is hanging in my family room as I speak. Doug will be back in the Chicago area in December and will be staying in my home. I hope many of you will be able to visit with him then.

This blog has been rather long, but it will be well worth it to you. I will be keeping you up to date about these wonderful artists and hopefully, many more. I think this venue will serve us well in our pursuit of our goal. Please share with us your stories of local and outside artists you know.


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