Returned Empty-Handed – But It’s A New day

The treasures eluded me this weekend but today I will start looking again as soon as possible.

I still have my $100.00 and can’t wait to spend it. My friend Cecil and I went to the Greenville Flea Market in Kentucky and I was tempted several times to spend my money.

The first time was for a group of Indian postcards. There were 51 of them for $250.00 and a few were worth $20 – $25 but the rest were questionable. This meant a lot of listing and still possibly not reaching my goal. I passed them even though I might have doubled my money. We aren’t looking to take a chance and I couldn’t be sure.

Next came the Fiesta salt and pepper shakers. There was one each of the red and medium green ones, with the green piece worth $150.00 but it had a chip. The red was perfect. I could have bought both for $10 and this was a good buy. However, the red one would have brought $10 but then I would have had to sell a damaged piece for my profit and I don’t deal in these pieces unless they are extremely rare.

My only real disapointment all day was when we encountered a young boy carrying two large double handled Hull vases. We ask him where they came from and he said” I just bought them over there for $6.00 a piece.” Then believe it or not he asked us what are they worth? Cecil told him $100 to $125 each. Latter passing his booth there they were priced at $100.00 each. Now they were a good buy but we got to them too late. Better luck next time.

I was offered several things during the day but I was never sure that I could double my money, so on I went searching with every step for a treasure. I just new it was in that next booth or just around the corner.

I have heard from only one of our treasure hunters this weekend. They, like me, came home empty handed. But that just makes us more determined. I hope you can see that I too try to follow the rules that I outlined in my book and I hope you will too.


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