END OF THE WEEK – Still Treasures to Find

It is the end of my first week searching for treasures that will start the 31 Gang in the Race for the Million. We are already trailing in the race to Vicki H. who jumped right out in front of the field and is the star of the week.

It has been a slow start for us, but I did pick up a painting on copper for $35. It just so happens that I know a person that collects these. Hopefully this will prove to be a good buy. My next purchase was a music box with a Swiss movement for $25. I hope that I didn’t buy it just because my son, Joshua, is becoming very good at the piano and I was thinking of him. With the last part of our $100 I made a offer for a Royal Doulton figurine but was unsuccessful. I was told to return later and they would consider my offer if it was still unsold.

Not too bad, I feel, of a start and I will be posting the results of the sale of these pieces later. It feels great to get my feet back into the water again after a short layoff to start the club.

Tomorrow I will be off to the Antique and Treasures in a field event in the town of Lake Forest, Il. This is a annual event to raise money for the Infant Welfare Society of Chicago. This type of event has proven to be where some of my greatest treasures have been found. You never know what you may come across at a charity sale.

I am beginning to hear from our members and their excitement is very contagious! I hope that more of you will be e-mailing me with questions about what you are seeing in the field. I am already wondering who will be next weeks “Star”…

Be sure to visit our web site for more information about how you can join the 31 Club and start your own race to your millions!

“The Guy in the Red Tie” — Daryle Lambert


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