I haven’t been interested in coin collecting since I sold my collection to pay for my college way back when. My parents were sure glad that I made that decision, and so was I. Whenever you sell a collection, it is hard to start collecting those items again because the adventure is gone. So while I’m not going to start collecting coin or tell you to collect coins, I will tell you that I think it’s time to sell all the silver coins you own, if they aren’t graded.

What do I mean by graded? You can send your coins away to different companies that will set a grade on them from mint or brilliant uncirculated to poor quality. Poor quality says that the surface of the coin is worn until there is little of the original image and writing left on its surface. The higher the grade, the higher the value. The problem I have is the same coin can be graded differently by each company that it is sent to.

Unless you have a coin that is in very good condition the cost of having it graded might not justify spending the money it takes to get the grading. This can run $25 or more per coin. I really think that this is a questionable practice at best. And unless you are a very serious collector, you might be well advised to stay away from getting invested in this game. The only one here that has a sure thing is the companies doing the grading.

However, I do think that this is a time to take advantage of the price of silver. I was just informed that the metal dealers were paying eight times the face price for silver coins minted before 1965. Here is my recommendation –Sell — Sell — Sell — all the silver coins you own now. If you can buy coins at four times their face do it, but immediately turn around and sell them, putting the profit in your account for purchase of other items. This means that if you have a silver quarter, you can sell it for $2.00. I think that you will be able to buy these coins back at half that price within a few years. Yes, this is a little different recommendation from me but remember, my goal is to have you double your money on each sale that isn’t restricted to selling only Antiques or Collectibles.

The metals don’t serve as hedges against inflation like they did in the past, and there are problems owning bullion. For starters, you have to store it. Second, it isn’t easy to transport and third, the value can become very unstable. Just ask the Hunt Brothers. The vehicles that most are using against inflation today are other currencies. The risk reward for owning silver has dipped to where I think now is the time to liquidate all silver holdings where there isn’t collector value, only raw metal value.

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