Collectible Pottery Unknown to Many

University City, Brouwer, F. M. Robertson, Grand Feu, Rhead, Valentien. Do you recognize these names in pottery? If you don’t, I hope my encouragement will persuade you to do a little research. You see, there is gold in those names.

I promised if you would stay with me, I would tell you where the real money is, and in these names, you can find a lot of it. Here is a suggestion. Go to the Kovels New Dictionary of Marks and copy all the marks for each one of these companies on a piece of paper and carry it with you at all times. Even better, buy the book and keep it close at hand.

You will find that several of these artists worked for more than one company, but when they worked for these companies, they produced some of their most collectible works. These companies have pieces selling on the low side for better pieces at $5,000, but the sky is the limit on exceptional pieces and their prices might range 10-20-50 thousand and these might even be too low.

Why don’t most dealers spend their time researching for these real treasures. The answer might be that they don’t come along every day, and if you are paying your mortgage with the sale of your daily finds these pieces may be too scarce to rely upon. But, the great advantage you have by following the 31 Club plan, is that it’s okay to take up to six months to find that one special piece that will keep you on track to your million dollar account. Remember, we’re making planned buys, using a strategic plan.

While University City Pottery had a short life span from 1901-1911 or perhaps 1914, its founder, Edward G. Lewis managed to attract some of the best in the industry including Frederick Rhead, Adelaide Robineau, and Serves- artist Taxile Doat.

In 1894, Theophilus A. Brouwer started Brower Pottery. It was a one man operation, and closed its doors in 1946, fourteen years after his death. There is a limited amount of his work that has survived and it is very valuable.

F. M. Robertson Pottery started in 1934 when Fred Robertson and his son, George, opened this company together. It was located in Los Angles California at a time when many of the better potters were moving west.

Grand Feu was another California pottery that had a short life span from 1912 to around 1916.

Frederick Rhead is one of the better known pottery artist of his day and I would suggest that you Google him for more information. If you recall from my earlier blog this week, Rhead was the leading artist for Roseville’s extremely valuable line, Della Robbia, and he worked with many other pottery companies.

If you’ll google Valentien, you’ll discover his history and pottery and have his name and mark in your mind as well.

These pieces of valuable pottery could be right under your competition’s nose and they wouldn’t even know it. So my suggestion to you again is to READ – READ – READ.

Naturally, this reminds me of a story. Many of you know that I was in the oil business at one time, and as the story goes, there was a city slicker driving down a dirt road When he saw a farmer sitting on his porch rocking in a rocking chair. As he approached the old gentleman, he saw a oil pump in the field, and the farmer was rocking with every stroke of the pump. The city slicker couldn’t resist asking the farmer what he was doing. The farmer told him, “I’m counting my money.” The city slicker asked, “How’s that?”

“Every time the pump goes up and down, I say one dollar, two dollars , three dollars. That’s my part of the oil.”

The reason I tell you this story is that every time you read about something in the Antique or Collectible field, you are just like that old farmer counting your money.

Today’s Photo shows a piece of University City Pottery.

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