Merrimac Pottery


While we are studying pottery, why not look at the company that produced some of my favorite pieces. This company is Merrimac Pottery from Newburyport, Massachusetts.This company founded in 1897 by Thomas Nickerson, burned to the ground in 1908. I truly believe that if this hadn’t happened, Merrimac Pottery would be the best known of the Arts and Crafts Pottery in this country today. I personally like it much better than Grueby, and it is more rare than Grueby.

The pieces of Merrimac Pottery are often heavily carved, with thick walls, often finished with just the glaze. Their best pieces often depict underwater vegetation.

Some people say that Merrimac pieces are molded, but even if that is true, the work and design on their surface is hand tooled. In my opinion, they are the most natural of all this type of pottery.

I always like to have things that you can’t find in most people’s homes, and this is true of Merrimac. The true collectors out there would pay almost anything for the right piece of this wonderful pottery, but they may have to wait a long time just to have the opportunity to buy a common item made by Merrimac. I wish that I had a super piece in my collection. So, it anyone out there is wanting to sell your piece of Merrimac, please give me a call.

Today’s Photo shows the Merrimac mark so you can add this to your memory bank or keep it on the paper you keep with you.

To see examples of this fine pottery, Rago Arts and Auction Center has some very fine examples of Merrimac Pottery. here.

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