Economy Bad? Antiques and Art Markets Thriving

The Stock Market was down 250 points yesterday, unemployment rose to 5 %, plus housing sales were the worst in sixteen years. Time to panic, right? Not so fast. This might very well be the best time to be in our business — buying and selling Antiques, Collectibles and Fine Art. In fact, it might even be the best time I’ve seen in the past ten years. With all this bad news circulating on every news channel, how can that be? Let’s examine some facts to find out.
Higher unemployment means more people will be selling some of their possessions. That is good for us.The stock market might plunge and investors might need to get some quick money to meet their margin calls. I’ve certainly seen it before in my days owning a securities firm. If you’re not familiar with the stock market terminology, a margin call is when a person borrows from the brokerage house to buy more stock than there is money in their account to pay for this purchase. As the price of their stocks go down the brokerage house makes the investor put more money up so that the brokerage company doesn’t assume risk for the customer. Where will this money come from? Perhaps artwork and other antiques? It’s a good way to raise capital quickly.

Houses are being foreclosed or sold off, and either way, Antiques, Collectibles and Fine Art, more likely than not, will be coming to the market as people try to resolve some of their financial stresses. Again, these events can be times of great opportunity for us. So let’s be on the lookout and scout out these situations.

As you begin to understand the 31 Club plan, you come to realize that you won’t be hurt even if all other markets go south. How can that be? In part, this plan works on the spread between what you buy something for and what you can sell it for. With a very short time span between the time you buy and then sell, the market will have a very short time to move against you, and the spread that you’ve built into your purchase price should more than protect your profit. Combining this component with the compounding strategy, you will produce amazing cash results for yourself.

If you’ve been reading our Blogs, and you haven’t yet joined us, why not? Our charter member fee is ridiculously low right now. But that’s not going to last too much longer. Join today and become a charter member. You’ll get in for next to nothing and not ever have to pay a renewal fee. Plus you’ll get the 220 page book that shows the plan, plus tons of insider trade secrets that only the most seasoned professionals know. Click here to join us.

It is hard for most people to believe, but hard economic times create the perfect time to make the most money for those with the knowledge. An important part of our plan is having cash and being able to buy. These funds will be cash that you’ve created working the 31 Club plan.( We never borrow a dime from a bank or anyone else.) In bad markets, more things come to the marketplace to be sold. Since you’ll only be buying the best, there will always be people waiting in line to buy your treasures all over the globe.

When someone needs to sell and you have the cash to buy, it’s usually a done deal. That’s why “Cash is King.” We teach our members strategic buying and selling, not buying everything in sight that might produce a minimal profit. It’s in the strategic buying and selling of only the finest and highest quality items that real cash will be produced and put you in the position to be “King.”

As your buying account grows according to the growth plan we’ve laid out, the balance in this account can become quite large. Once you’ve made your next planned buy, then quickly sold it, you’ll have an even greater amount to go on to your next buying/selling cycle. You can learn about our strategy and all about buying/selling cycles by becoming a member, here.

I have also found that in hard times the chances of purchasing multiple items increases, because people are trying to raise capital. You could always make a better deal for yourself when you are buying more than one item from a seller. If sellers have multiple items, your chance to make a great deal increases tremendously. And if you need help negotiating, we’re just a phone call away.
I have told many of you that the months leading up to the elections should hold great opportunities for us. There is much uncertainty and nervousness, and there will continue to be until November. Happy Hunting.
If you’re looking for the pathway to reach your goals with antiques, collectibles and fine art, the 31 Club can be the venue that will give you the nuts and bolts for successfully buying, selling and profiting in the 21st Century Marketplace. Join us today and rub shoulders with like-minded people.
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