Wealth Building with Antiques, Art & Collectibles

We’re busy as bees these days at the 31 Club, the industry’s only Antiques, Collectible and Fine Art Wealth Building Club and Learning Site. You will begin to see the new face of our website starting to take shape very soon. Our Daily Blog, which has become the signature of our company, will now be available right on our homepage. So, come grow with us.

Over the coming days, every page of our site will be undergoing a face lift. We hope the new feel will be fresh, and easy to navigate. Our webmaster, Chris, is doing a great job, and he never seems to get ruffled no matter what we throw at him.

One of the things that is under discussion is a way it would be possible for members be able to communicate with one another, as well as buy and sell items to other members. Strictly an opt in feature, this will help members to network with one another, and in doing so, increase their contact base. If you have any suggestions or special knowledge on this, give us a call. We’re all ears.

The next major project that Cindy has conjured up is to have more video on the sight. We might have to get a better looking stand in for that one! But seriously, if there is something special you want to see on video, please e-mail me your ideas.

We hope to soon announce the date of our free seminar here in the Chicago area. Cindy keeps assuring me that we will have enough energy for all this, but please keep us in your prayers.

With the help of Michael Hudson of Antiques-Collectibles-Auction-News.com, we are beginning a massive program to expose ourselves to many more people on the Internet. Michael’s news site has set the Internet newswires on their heels, getting thousands of new hits each week after having just started in August. Be sure to take a look at his site. You will find that Cindy and I are contributing writers on it.

Great new stories to keep you abreast of the industry and its events are also available from Philip at News-antique.com. Philip sent out the first press release we ever wrote to media outlets all over. And we continue to release stories on his site. What a great help he is. Phil also runs BigNews.biz, a business news site with free press release distribution services. See if your business might benefit from this source.

Both Phil and Michael have been willing to offer their time and their help to us, and we consider them a member of our team. They are a living examples of what it means to help those in need. And believe me, when we started out, we were really in need of help. Still are. Thanks guys! That’s what the 31 Club is all about. Helping one another.

Everyday I am getting more excited about what we are building together. Call your friends, tell your neighbors, and come on in. We’re going to have fun together while we learn to build our wealth with antiques, collectibles and fine art, step-by-step.

Discover how the 31 Club, together with our book, can be the tool that helps you build more personal wealth dealing in the rare and valuable upper end markets, rather than the conventional methods of stock, bonds, and real estate investing. You won’t find these kind of results with your bank or your stock broker! Find out more about joining our growing community of antique and art wealth builders here.

Read more about The Million Dollar Challenge 31 Club members are participating in.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to see what we’ve got listed in the 31 Gallery & Marketplace, click on over and take a look. You might even find a real bargain. We’ve got many high quality items priced reasonably. If you have a high quality piece you’d like us to find a buyer for, why not consign your item to us. No high fees when you sell with us. Contact us here.


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