Will Success Come to You in the Antiques, Collectibles, & Fine Art Markets?

I will never forget the words of wisdom my father shared with me as a boy. “Why see so little from the ground when you can soar with the eagles and see for miles?” And, “Why settle for mediocrity when magnificence is right around the corner?”My father was a man of humble beginning, but through his faith in God and in his given abilities, he found an inner strength that I have seen in no one else. When I share my hopes for you, they are coming directly from the spirit that my dad imparted to me.Yes, I do have confidence that you can reach any level of success regardless of how high it is. I ask you to consider the words my father gave me and take them to heart. He had faith in me, and I have faith in you.

Others will discourage you, and yes, you might even be discouraging yourself. But be un-frayed in your dogged determination to succeed. Be open to taking direction. Your success will be achieved by your acquiring knowledge and taking the appropriate actions. Then you will sit at the top of the mountain where the eagles rest.

Make a study of how wealthy people think. Do you realize they think differently than most people? There are plenty of books out there about wealth and wealthy people, and we’ve included some of the best, on our recommended reading list. Understand the “millionaire mindset,” as Cindy calls it, and begin to make it your mindset. If you can’t see yourself as being successful or wealthy, you won’t be. Being wealthy is a way of thinking. These books can help you examine the thoughts that run through your head. If you discovered that what you think about might be holding you back, wouldn’t you want to know how to change those thoughts? If you haven’t yet selected a book or two from this recommended book list, why not do that now? Get out of the gate with the right thinking and give yourself a healthy start. You’ll find things will become much easier for you after that.

In my book, “31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles,” and here on this Blog, I stress the rare and higher end of the market. Why? Because this is where the challenge is.

Aim high. Now, I don’t expect people to be running out and looking at high priced items right out of the gate. You have to have knowledge about these things. When you start out, you’re buying lower range items and acquiring knowledge at the same time. Learn as you earn. Each time you buy something, you’ll be studying about that item by researching its possible value, and where you might sell it. That process is an education in itself.

When you set yourself up to study about something during the week, whether it be pottery, antique bottles, glass, paintings, collectible radios, or anything you have an interest in, you are expanding your knowledge base and arming yourself for the next time you go out or look on the Internet at items. Pick out your interest and pursue it. Pursue it as if nothing else matters until you have the confidence that comes only by this extraordinary effort.

Have you visited the library to browse through books? Have you visited any Antique Shows and asked the dealers questions until you thought your time with them had expired? Are you keeping ongoing lists, noting the rare in your particular area of study? Price Guides can tell you this. Reviewing past sales and photos at auction houses from the comfort of your computer chair works wonders. Completed sales listings on Ebay, sorted from the highest price to the lowest price is a great tool. Make note of the more rare and higher end of whatever subject you are studying. Review, review, review. Put things on notecards if you want. Study in a way that works for you.

How many people have you spoken to about what you’re doing? Do you have others whom you’ve asked for support in your new direction? Is your company set up, and have you made your $100 deposit in your company checking account? Do you have business cards? How many have you given out each day? Can you commit to giving out a certain number of business cards to people you’ve spoken to about what you’re doing?

Have you called and checked in with me? I offer my continual help to all who call.

In the service, soldiers are pushed to their limits to find out who they really are as men. Do I mean that your quest must be twenty-four hours a day? No. In fact, just the opposite is true. In my book, I state that you don’t have to change your current life to complete the 31 Steps. How can that be? It sounds contradictory. Not at all. What I’m stating is that whatever time you do give for you new quest, give it 100% of your effort for that time. This may only be five to ten hours a week, but used wisely, it will be enough.

I had a heart felt concern yesterday when I received a comment from one of our readers about the Blog I wrote about Marsha’s success. I could feel their suffering as they expressed negative opinions about the successful day that Marsha had. It seemed they wanted to down play it and diminish the joy that was felt that day. The questions and comments had a negative feel and asked — Are they sold? Will you have to list it on Ebay 6 times? Will you have people knocking down your door to buy from you because you’re offering the best at fair prices? Finally, the person got to the real center of the concern. “To me this business is kind of like kissing frogs – in addition to the big wins out there, there are a lot of bloopers that I think we all need to experience to pay for our education.”

I don’t believe that we need to experience failure to be successful. That is why the 31 Club and my staff are here for you. We’re here to help prevent those bloopers that, evidently, this person has experienced.

I sincerely hope that the writer of these comments will join us by following our plan, and will give me a call. For those who stick with the plan and commit to putting in 100% effort for the time they spend with this, I know that within a year’s time, their outlook will be bright.

When you have a mindset like a millionaire, and put in 100% effort during the time you devote to this business, you won’t have to find success. Success will come to you.

Join me and the rest of the 31 Club right here. You’ll get my book, “31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques & Collectibles” for FREE. Or, if you’re not quite sure about joining and have some questions you’d like to ask me, or just want to talk with me, E-mail me at info@31corp.com. I’ll personally see to it that we set up a time to talk with one another.

Discover how the 31 Club, together with my book, “31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques & Collectibles” can be the tool that helps you begin building personal wealth using antiques, collectibles and fine art. Find out more about joining our growing community of antique and art wealth builders here.Need to read more about the 31 Club? Read an article here.If you haven’t yet had a chance to see what we’ve got listed in the 31 Gallery & Marketplace, click on over and take a look. You might even find a real bargain. We’ve got many high quality items priced reasonably. If you have a high quality piece you’d like us to find a buyer for, why not consign your item to us. No high fees when you sell with us.Go to Our Homepage.


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