Vintage Sterling Horse Ware – Visalia

31 Club member made 23 times his money on these Collectible Visalia Bridle Rosettes.

New 31 Club members are having success buying and selling antiques & collectibles in their early steps. Often, this success comes to those who have had little experience in this area yet, they are willing to take action and learn by doing. And, by keeping in touch with me, they allow me to guide them through the steps to assure their success in making successful buys and sells, and then learning how to grow wealth from their profits. Here’s a letter I received from a new Vancouver member who came across some Western Collectibles.

“Hi Daryle…………I’m quite enjoying your daily blog and am reading your book for the 2nd time.

About 10 days ago I was making a housecall to see some “old stuff” that was being disposed of as part of a downsizing effort.

I had picked out some old postcards and other odds and ends, and was asked if I’d like to see some jewellery (Canadian spelling!). There were some OK items and some bits of no value, but there was one sandwich bag holding a number of pieces of silver attached to small chunks of leather. I was told these were from a bridle that had been used in the ’40s. Knowing nothing about equestrian items, I said I could buy them for their silver value, and was told this was acceptable. I paid $30 for the bagful.

Most of the pieces had “Visalia Stock Saddle Co” stamped on them, along with the word “sterling”. The bag held 2 large rosettes, 4 buckles, a pair of rein ends and 14 conchos. Thinking I should start “doubling my money” as you recommend, I listed 5 lots on eBay. Here’s a little info on one of them: (Cost on this one piece was $8).

Item: Sterling silver bridle rosette – Visalia Stock Saddle Co. – 1940s
eBay number: 160201724669
Date sold: January 30, 2008
Page views: 108
Bids: 24
Final price: $183.50
Winner location: California

In total, the 5 lots brought $475….and I estimate that, at those prices, I have around another $300 worth still to list.

Being a “golden rule” sort of chap, I expect to send some more cash over to the lady from whom I bought them, as I certainly didn’t expect quite such a windfall.

The challenge now is: What do I spend the anticipated total of $775 (less expenses) on, in order to reap $1,550 ?

Any advice much appreciated…………………

Regards from Vancouver Island……………….. Michael R.”

Mike, you ask a very important question and that was, now that I’ve made my first purchase and sale, so what now? Just do it all over again. This doesn’t mean that you have to find one item to spend all your money on, but just that you spend it. It may take three or four items before all your money is spent, but that’s okay. However, you must make your next purchases as carefully as you did the first purchase. And keep learning. I suspect the time you spent researching your buy provided you with a body of knowledge that will likely stay with you. How do you feel? You are on your way to our millions in antiques and collectibles? There is no looking back now. And keep in mind that certain items purchased might do well in different arenas, and this is something to carefully consider.

Discover how my book, “31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques & Collectibles” can be the tool that helps you become financially free following the same simple financial principles that the wealthy follow — all with antiques, fine art, and collectibles.

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