The British are Coming-Clarice Cliff Ware

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Daryle Lambert: The British Are Coming – Clarice Cliff Art Deco Wares

You may not have heard of Clarice Cliff but you’ll remember her after you read this Blog. In fact, I will be adding her works to our hot list for this year. There are many of her treasures to be found, but right now, most people wouldn’t even recognize them as Treasures. But, isn’t that precisely what we’re looking for?I will continue to guide our 31 Club Members to study the rare and unusual. That is where the real money is to be found, and that is what we are looking for. Clarice Cliff falls in to this class, and we are so thankful that it is off most people’s radar.

This lady was way ahead of her time when she popped onto the scene in the early twenties. Clarice Cliff’s colorful Art Deco wares were the hit of the town back then. She produced almost everything that could be used on the proper English Table. Over time, these wonderful pieces have been forgotten by most people, but now, they have arisen once again, lead by the tremendous demand for her Bizzarre Ware. Honolulu, Rudyard and Blue Firs are other patterns that also command extremely high prices.

It seems strange to me that more U.S. dealers aren’t really acquainted with Clarice Cliff, but that can also be said about most things that are produced outside of this country. I’m guessing the reason why is that most U.S. dealers might feel that since it wasn’t produced in this country, then their chances of finding a great piece are slim, so they don’t bother researching these areas. It’s the same old story. Buy what we can find the most of. What a mistake that is.

There is a wonderful site that I would like to direct you to: At this collector’s club, I promise you that items can be seen here that you will fall in love with. They are as modern as today and can definitely dress up a rather dull table. This site provides you with all the patterns and designs for Cliff’s work plus the marks you will be looking for.

Should you find a piece of Clarice Cliff ware, be sure to check for damage because this will reduce the price that someone is willing to pay by as much as 75%.

I once picked up a piece of Bizzare Ware from a grouping of items spread out on a table, and the lady at the sale told me that I can have anything there for five dollars. To tell the truth, I just liked the Deco look, so I bought it. I put it on eBay, and the first night the bid was already over $150. “Well, looky here,” I said to myself. If I remember it correctly, it closed between $350-$500. Now that is the return I love to see.

If everyone is talking about certain items, then your chances of making a score are slim. But if you’re the only one in the crowd that knows the value of the items being offered, then you are in a pear tree.

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