Holy Comic Books Batman! 31 Club Member Cashes in on Collectible Comic Books

by Daryle Lambert

31 Club Member sold this lot of 9 Golden Age comic books for $4,200 on eBay.

Do we need to jump in the Bat Mobile or be faster than a speeding bullet to take advantage of the collectible comic book markets? People, including me, talk about Paintings, Pottery and Furniture appreciating, but Holy Cow, Batman, how about comics books!!??This story of riches found in Comic Books is from an E-mail I received from 31 Club Member Vicki H. I include it because, otherwise, her story might just seem like a fantasy. Here’s Vicki’s letter about several lots of comic books she had listed on eBay last week, on consignment.“Hi Mr. Lambert,Wowie-Zowies! What a Week! Well, are you ready for this? $12,956.16!!!However, I did have one glitch. Ebay canceled one auction — oddly enough it was the lot of two Terror comics that you featured in your blog. I am not certain of what happened exactly, but according to another bidder, some girl from CA with a Hawaiian name was sniping and somehow revealed the other top bidders high bid. And they didn’t allow me to have the chance to see the site again, making it impossible for me to contact the second bidder or to use as a re-list. I had to rewrite the whole ad.It’s already up to $51 though so it’s ok. The fees are quite high, about $400 on this lot. But, where else would I have gotten these prices? So, I guess Ebay does have a hold on us sellers.Now, you know I only get to keep 35% of this, however that comes to a whopping $4534.66! and I had no initial investment. Kind of nice huh? After I give my tithe –always first, I plan on making a large payment to my credit card and one or two car payments. It has been a struggle for me since I injured my back. I am not really able to conduct estate sales any longer and plan on doing appraisals and online selling for people full time now.

But I will take at least $200 to add to my treasure account. This gives me $1000.00 to spend. Now I need your help. What do you think of investing in Loetz glass? Or possibly Newcomb college pottery? Do you think I could double my money by investing in one of these items? Do you have any good suggestions on what I should look at? I am very excited to be a part of this club and really feel like I’m getting the hang of it!

Thank you so much for your time and talent that you have been so generous with! God Bless You! Vicki”

Now, Vicki didn’t make all the profit herself because she was selling the comics on consignment, but I think you’ll agree this sale put a big smile on her face. You can check her completed sales by doing an advanced search under her seller name: zvicki40

I really appreciate the way she finished her email by thanking your 31 Club for all its help and showing that her life is in the hands of God and giving the first portion of her profit to help do his work in the world. I am truly inspired by her.

No matter how much I write on the advantages you receive by being a member of the 31 Club, only successes like this one will prove the truthfulness of the program we have developed for you. If we truly want to help ourselves, as well as our neighbor, we need to be sharing this program with everyone we meet

Now for some math to ponder:

If you are amazed with an Andy Warhol painting selling for $71,000,000 that could likely have been purchased for $1,000,000 five years ago, what would you say about those comic books that could have been purchased for .05 or .10 selling for $660.00?

The painting increases by a factor 71. If the Comic Book had only increased by 71, its selling price would have been $7.70 not $660.00. Even if you went back further where the painting could have been purchased for $100,000, the factor would have been 710 times, while a 710 times factor on a dime is only $71. Still far from $660. Ka-Pow Robin!!! Let’s begin the search before the word gets out!

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Skip McGrath, Auction Seller’s Resources & EBay Powerweller

Want to read more about the 31 Club? Read an article here.If you haven’t yet had a chance to see what we’ve got listed in the 31 Gallery & Marketplace, click on over and take a look. You might even find a real bargain. We’ve got many high quality items priced reasonably. If you have a high quality piece you’d like us to find a buyer for, why not consign your item to us. No high fees when you sell with us.Go to Our Homepage.Please leave a comments. If you don’t want to sign in, just use the ANONYMOUS button. Chime in and participate!


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