Art Glass/Tiffany, Quezal, Webb, Stevens & Williams Jack-in-the-Pulpit Vases

Quezal Jack in the Pulpit Vase 

12″ Quezal Jack-in-the-Pulpit Vase
sold for $16,250 at
Doyle New York September 2007

If you’ve ever heard someone refer to a glass vase as a “Jack in the Pulpit” vase, you might have wondered what that is, and where that name comes from. Jack in the Pulpit is a type of American perennial woodland plant, and it’s the name art glass collectors all over the world use to describe vases fashioned after this wildflower.

In the early 1900’s Louis Comfort Tiffany fashioned his famous iridescent glass, known as “farvile glass”, into vases after this wild plant. Versions in blue are among the rarest of these Tiffany vases, followed by gold. Tiffany, however, was not the first to use this shape when he created his wares. Other English glass companies such as Stevens & Williams, Thomas Webb & Sons and Richardson had produced the Jack in the Pulpit shape prior to Tiffany.

This organic shape found its way into many American glass lines as well, including Fenton. Jack in the Pulpit vases can be found in less expensive glass such as Vaseline Glass. It continues to be a shape produced by contemporary glass artists, including glass master Charles Lotton, whose Jack in the Pulpit art glass has become part of many private collections.

David Issitt, a leading expert and writer on British Colored Glass, has researched and written in detail about the history of Jack in the Pulpit vases, and it makes a fascinating read, as well as a good place to view some fine early examples dating back to the 1850’s.

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