Daryle Lambert Blog: Lotton Glass Values on the Rise

Lotton Glass
Photo Courtesy of Lotton Glass Club.

Seldom do we get to see our forecasts come true in a short period of time, but my projection of Lotton Glass becoming the next art glass to have the investment value of Tiffany is playing out right before my very eyes. I made this prediction last June 13, 2007 in a news article.

After returning from Kentucky this week, I checked eBay for completed sales of Lotton Glass and was pleasantly surprised to see several miniatures Lotton vases that sold for impressive prices. One of the miniatures brought over $700 for a piece just 2 inches tall. The other miniatures commanded prices that have doubled or tripled from prices they were selling for just a few months ago when we, ourselves, sold several Lotton Miniatures.

Not to be outdone, Lotton’s regular size vases are also on a run up. One particular 9 1/2” tall John Lotton vase just sold for $7,200. When you consider that I bought a comparable vase, only 15” tall for half that price six months ago, wouldn’t you agree that Lotton is on the move? I remember when Lotton Lamps would come to auction and receive no bids, but that isn’t true today. They are bringing higher prices with each sell.

This price move isn’t being missed by the major auction houses either. Next month, on April 10th, The Lotton Glass Club will have its annual meeting in Cincinnati, preceding Early’s Fine Glass Auction. Charles Lotton will be appearing to share his unlimited knowledge of Art Glass with us. Going across the auction block will be some of the best Art Glass ever produced, so try to make it if you can. This will be a two day auction, and a perfect place to rub shoulders with many of the experts in the Art Glass field. To obtain more information on these events go to the Lotton Glass Club Website. If you aren’t fortunate enough to attend the Lotton Glass Club meeting nor the auction at Early’s, be sure to examine the sale on the Early auction website. More than 30 pieces of Lotton Glass will be presented at Early’s auction.

Not too long ago when I would mention Lotton Glass, I’d get the response, “What is that?” The story has definitely changed. In the past, checking for Lotton Glass at upcoming auctions was an effort in futility because it seldom came up for sale. Not today. And the pieces that are being auctioned are bringing sparkling results.

I also hear The Cincinnati Art Galleries’ upcoming auction will include 30 or more pieces of Lotton Glass. Be sure to keep up with this auction, too, as I am sure this trend in Lotton Glass is going to continue for some time.

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