Daryle Lambert Blog: Rare Red Wing Found Through 31 Club Network

31 Club Blog

Several months ago, I wrote about the person that wanted to find a 50 gallon Red Wing Crock for her parents. Well, one of our members found one and contacted me it. If you are just following our Blog and haven’t become a member of the 31 Club yet, I encourage you to join and use the resources being offered by the Club to your advantage. Networking with us can produce great results.

The Associate Program is offered to 31 Club Members and will enable the member to work in conjunction with the 31 Club to higher end items they come across. When the member finds an item and it is out of their price range, the club will buy it, handle the sale and split the profit between them on a fair arrangement. We make this a win-win situation for all, so call or send me an e-mail for further details and information at info@31corp.com

The Associates Program is extremely valuable if the member is able to locate multiple pieces and the purchase is substantial. This way the company, as well as the member locating the items, can benefit. You may remember the Blog about the sale of several comic books by one of our members. She used this principle with a man who asked her to post several lots of comic books on eBay for him. These comic books brought nearly $13,000. Even after the expense of purchasing and selling these comic books, I figure the man walked away with perhaps $6,000. By working together, almost anything is possible in the these markets, and we are here to help you finish the race you’ve begun.

Personal Mentoring: It is so hard today for a person to get a live body on the other end of the phone, but not so at The 31 Club. I am willing and waiting to help you in identify items, negotiate, guide, give you a pep talk if you’re feeling a little defeated, or any other service that I can provide for you to help you succeed. We can talk over the phone and through e-mails. You’ll find I answer E-mails in a timely manner.

I could go on tooting our horn, but I think that you get the picture. But what the staff and I are offering is only as good as its usage. If you don’t take advantage of our service, I can promise that you will not benefit from them. When you do, then your bank account will see the results.

Wish List: Let the world know what you’re looking for! We have a wish list where you can post items that you look for, and it can be found in the Buy/Sell section of the website. If you think it’s too hard to find, let me know, and we’ll post it somewhere else. We’re planning on setting the wish list up in a way that will enable someone to contact you by e-mail, should they have an item you are looking for. Just another way of networking with other dealers and collectors. Make your postings today!

31 Gallery: Show off your Paintings or Collectibles to the world and get them sold. Our Gallery Pages are very popular pages on our site. When you put your item in our Gallery, you’ll have no advertising fees, and we’ll help you secure a buyer.

Don’t just follow the daily Blog. Join with like-minded 31 Club Members and turbo charge your treasure hunting today. My 220 page book, 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques & Collectibles is FREE! Our book is also available on Amazon.com. If you buy the book on Amazon, then the membership is FREE.

Join the 31 Club and learn how to build personal wealth through the antique, collectible and fine art markets.

Read Up On The 31 Club Here.

Visit our website here.


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