Remember Beanie Babies? They Might be Back

Daryle Lambert’s 31 Club Blog

This Beanie Baby bear recently sold for $500 on eBay.
I thought the Beanie Baby craze was over, but I was wrong. I recently looked at eBay and found beanie babies bring in some big bucks. Some are over a thousand dollars. The Royal Blue Peanut the Elephant, 1995, sold for $1,000. You can check these for yourself in the Completed Listings.I guess I could plead temporary insanity, because last year I bought three large boxes of Beanie Babies from a house sale and then gave them away to some under privileged children at a Christmas party I went to. I thought they would make great gifts. Because I got about 250 of them for $25, I was able to give more gifts. No, I guess I didn’t lose my mind. The excitement and and smiles on their faces as they plowed through those boxes was a joy to see. I know I did the right thing. I only wished I had had another 1,000 Beanie Babies to give away that day.

Another time, I was called into a house where again there were several hundred Beanies. The woman gave them to me for a trip my friend Colin and I were taking up to visit the Lakota Souix tribe in South Dakota. We packed them all up and off we went. Colin loves the reservation, and members of the Lakota Sioux tribe have taken him in as a member. I think he has made over thirty trips there in the last 5 or 6 years. The Native American children were thrilled so see these cute little animals and gathered them up by the handful.

But back to my point about these collectibles. It seems that to the collector, these fuzzy little creatures still have value. But to the public at large, they are a thing of the past. This, then, is the perfect storm for us. Buying large quantities of the Beanies in one location can help you reap a great harvest. You may or may not find one of the $1,000 Beanies, but still, many others are selling for $70 or $80 dollars on eBay today.

What if you bought 100 of these little creatures for $2.00 apiece and sold them at an average of $8.00, what would that have done for you? Lets see 100 times $8.00 equals $800 minus the cost of $200 for a net profit of $600. Three times your money. Yes, that definitely meets the goal of doubling our money and it takes us one step closer the the finish line in our Million Dollar Race. Who would have thought it was possible with these little bears?

The shipping on these creatures would probably be less than $5. However, if you wanted to get paid a little for your labor, a $2 add on might be justified. This would push your profit up to $800, or four times your investment. Instead of putting this money in the bank for them to profit from, just go and spend the money one more time. At a four times return, you will have $12,800 in your bank account. That might even start paying for a college education for one of your kids.

You have heard me say that we want to move up to the rare and unusual as quickly as we can, but you may want to stop along the way and pick up a few of these little creatures. Right now I think it would make great sense. This could prove to be an excellent way to spend your first $100.

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