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Vintage Chanel sunglasses sold for $620 on eBay. There were 19 bids.

I was asked by many of our members to tell them about more items that might be purchased at a reasonable sum to get them started, so that’s what I’ll do over the next couple of Blogs. Yes, $10,000 or $50,000 treasures are waiting to be discovered, but while we’re working our way up and preparing ourselves to be ready for them, why not have some fun and make a little profit for ourselves in the mean time?

Today, I stumbled upon something I hadn’t been aware of, while I was on my way to look up something else. I love when this happens because it can open up a whole new world. I think this discovery can be an item that can help you get through your early steps of the 31 Steps and put some good money in your bank account. I discovered the price of Vintage sunglasses.

So, I went to eBay, as they seem to be the first place I usually go to for my initial search. Low and Behold! There were sunglasses selling for $800 or more, and many of the vintage pairs were bringing $300 to $400 a pair. How many of these pairs of glasses have I ignored in my search? It seems that I am getting a good education for myself by posting this Blog for you. And, I’m sure enjoying each new scrap of information I’m adding to my data bank. I also hope that you can see by my writing that I am still following the principles I have set out for you. I believe that in the next 60 days or so, one or more of you will be writing me about that great find you’ve made in a pair of sun glasses bought for fifty cents to five dollars and then sold for $300-$500.

Some of the things I will be sharing with you might not be found in price guides, but through research on the web, you will find prices for most of them. As I said, a great place to start is eBay or other sites like Online Auction (

By the way, I got an E-mail from a very nice gentleman today by the name of Dan Brownell. Dan is with the Book Division of Krause Publications, the publishers of Antique Trader. Turns out, he is a regular reader of this Blog. He also shared with me that a new price guide for Beanie Babies will be coming out in August.

As the weather warms and the garage sales start increasing in number, be sure to check for vintage sunglasses. And don’t forget the other items I’ve written about to help you get through the early steps, like vintage toys and comic books, Beanie Babies to name a few.

Don’t just follow the daily Blog. Join with like-minded 31 Club Members. Turbo charge your treasure hunting today and start building a bank account big enough to last a lifetime. My 220 page book, 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques & Collectibles is FREE with your membership. The book is also available on If you buy the book on Amazon, then the membership is FREE.

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