Today’s Value of Antique Ironstone

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Antique Johnson Bros. Royal Ironstone China Chamber Pot available at Sea Witch Antiques for $179

At sales I’ve attended in years past, I’ve seen stark white pitchers, platters and plates that I passed right by, without thinking twice about. Some of us have poured buttermilk from these pitchers at out grandmother’s house. I know I did. I don’t pass these by anymore, because I learned that these plain items can sell for some good prices. And, when I buy them from garage sales or house sales, I can make a really good profit. While these items were used by farm families, and certainly not the upper class, you might be surprised at what they fetch in price today.

These are Ironstone pieces, common items meant to be used daily back then. So, if you see any of these at the next sale you attend, it might be worth you while to take a look at them before you walk on by. Jug, Pitchers, Chamber Pots, (I doubt many people under the age of 30 know what one of these is] and Pitcher and Bowl sets are bringing fair money in today’s market. As I researched for this blog, I was amazed to find many pieces bringing $200 to $400. Some Ironstone is unmarked, but a lot of the pieces do have the word “Ironstone” on them. But, you won’t have to worry about what it is. You’ll know it when you see it.

In England and America, starting about 1813, is where these pieces were made. A great number of companies produced ironstone in the early days, because these wares were needed for everday living. Companies such as Johnson Bros., Mason’s, and Meaken Bros. were common household names to most people back then. Back when I was a youngster, broken pieces of ironstone were thrown into the gully, used to help stop erosion.

What’s interesting to note about Ironstone, is that somewhere along the line, a decision was made to decorate it to help fancy up the average household. When this happened, transferware was created to imitate the expensive painted pieces that most people couldn’t afford. Soon, these companies were making Chinese reproduction patterns in the famous Blue Willow and Flow Blue decorations.

If you’re following the investment plan of the 31 Club, these are excellent items to look for to start buying, selling and reinvesting profits to fund subsequent purchases of more rare and valuable items.

 The white pieces are still fairly and reasonably priced, so you can still turn them for the percentage profit we want to maintain. But, let me assure you, there are decorated items in the Ironstone that will bring well in excess of a $1,000. I’ve seen sets of plates in the Chinese patterns sell for as much as $125 a plate. When you buy 12 plates for $20 each, you’ll feel like you’re walking on air as you walk out the door of that house sale.

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  1. Thank You

  2. i have a ironstone jug vista im wondering how much its worth it is 4 and a half inches in height

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    I was trying to find this another day. i dont usually post in message boards but i wanted to say thanks! Shark Tank Tv Show

  4. I just found a Royal Ironstone China Johnson Bro. England white chamber pot with lid in perfect condition at a thrift store yesterday for $6.

  5. I have an assortment of Ironstone pieces that I am looking to find the value of. Is there a reliable source that can help me?

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