Antique Blogger Daryle Lambert Featured on BlogRadio May 12

What an exciting time this is in the life of the 31 Club. I’ve been invited to do the Auctionwally BlogTalkRadio program on Monday, May 12th at 8PM EST. Auctionwally, a.k.a. Walt Kolenda, will interview me, and some of you will hear the many stories you’ve sent in to me and spoken to me about over the phone told to an Internet audience. An hour and a half of questions and answers about how we are turning the antique and collectibles industry on its head will be in store for you when you tune in. Anyone can call into the show and ask questions, so be sure to participate with us by calling 1-646-378-1561. Walt is a licensed auctioneer with 25 years in the antiques/auction business, as well as a Powerseller on eBay.

After getting the endorsement for our book, “31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques & Collectibles” from Skip McGrath, perhaps the best known authority on eBay, things have escalated at lightening speed. You can find Skip’s eBay Instruction Products on our website, and I can assure you,if you use any of them, your business will benefit tremendously.

The Auctionwally radio program will expose our business approach to the antiques, collectible and fine art industries and how it can change lives. The vision we formed less than a year ago is now taking shape. It will require super strength by all, including our members, to reach the finish line, but I have no doubts we will. The stories of treasure found and sold according to our plan can make this venture something we will be telling our children about. Each time I receive an e-mail or a phone call from one of our members, I feel your excitement and have confidence that the principles I teach will work for you when applied. Keep the phone calls coming.

Jeremy and Cindy are busy at work reconstructing our site, and they ask you to send in any suggestions or ideas you have. They are eager to hear what our members think and want. I would be remiss if I didn’t give thanks where thanks is due. I prayed that if this plan that I envisioned wasn’t from Him, then I wanted it to fail. But, if it was of Him, that he would place his blessing on it. God has shown that this is truly a way in which people’s lives can be changed while, at the same time, help many families in these days of economic stress.


Join with like-minded 31 Club Members and put a turbo charge on your treasure hunting skills. Get FREE Mentoring. Learn Inside the Industry Secrets. Learn to make high profits and continue to grow your money buying and selling antiques, fine art, and collectibles. My 220 page book, 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques & Collectibles is FREE with your membership. The book is also available on If you buy the book on Amazon, then the membership is FREE.

Take a look at our Gallery of Fine Art Paintings by Listed Artists, here.


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