Growing Your Home-Based Antique Business

Daryle Lambert’s 31 Club Blog

How many people have you told this week you’re in the Antique, Fine Art and Collectibles business? If that number isn’t 25 or more, what are you waiting for? This is your future. Auctions and house sales are wonderful places to find treasure, but they don’t compare with a lead from a personal contact.

I’ve had people call me five years after my first contact with them. Because I was still in business, they felt I could be trusted. There is no better feeling in the world when your phone rings and the person on the other end of the line says something like, ”Hello Daryle, I’m Jane. Anne said that I should call you, because I have some things to sell you might be interested in.” There’s a couple things going on in receiving this call. First you have a great friend in Anne. Second, Jane now trusts you because of Anne. This type of relationship will be where your true success will come from.

I just received a large box in the mail from a person I’ve done business with before, and you won’t believe this. It was stuffed full with Indian artifacts. These included three Kachina’s, two Apache arrows, six or eight pieces of bead work, two pieces of pottery (one a black on black pot), and some very nice coins including fifteen 1922 D pennies in near mint condition. So why did he send them to me? He trusted me. They were sent without discussing any price, knowing that I would be fair with him and know the value of these items. NO COMPETITION and NO TRAVEL TIME TO EVALUATE THE ITEMS. What could be better than this? So look for these in the future in our marketplace.

The best advertising you will ever have, is when you tell someone that you are in this business. And it’s free. You won’t be getting that dreaded invoice in the mail. How many times have I had to pay a bill for advertising that was over $200 or and I didn’t get a single response, let alone make enough money to pay for the ad. If you tell 1,000 people a year that you’re in the Antique and Fine Art business, it could easily be worth over $100,000 a year to you. Now that is something to think about.

People today are very leery of Antique Dealers in general, so if you can build a reputation for being honest, and have others recommend you, this will sit you at the head of the class in this field. People are looking for trustworthy people in their time of need. They might be retiring, have an estate to settle, have children entering college, or simply want to reduce their debt. There are so many wolves in sheep’s clothing out there in the world today, and this is when you can be the trustworthy person that they’re looking for. So don’t forget we operate by the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

I hope a box full of treasures comes to you in the mail sometime soon, however it will only arrive if you tell others you are in the business. Make sure you go through all your boxes of business cards and have to order more. Set a daily goal for yourself. Will you tell 2 people, 10 people or 15 people a day. How many people do you want to have told by the end of the week? Does your mailman know you are in the business? Does your doctor? When your cable guy comes to make a repair, will he know what business you’re in? How about all the parents at your son’s baseball game? Do they know? Make certain each person you speak with gets your card. Do this consistently, and one day you just might get a box of treasure delivered to your own front door.

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