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31 Club Helps Club Member Purchase Rare Historical Document

31 Club Member, Cecil R, has two watercolor paintings listed on eBay of American Artist Charles Partridge Adams.

Great News for all our members! A Patrick Henry signed document was successfully purchased through the Associates Program when a 31 Club Member called us after having located it, not able to make the purchase himself.

This the very first purchase made through our Associates Program. If you remember your history, Patrick Henry was an advocate for the American Revolution and famous for his “Give me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech. Our research shows this document to be valued at approximately $8,500, and we purchased it for $1,200.

I feel certain that this is just the beginning of many successful transactions between members and the Club.

As a Member of the 31 Club, the Associates Program May be the Greatest Asset You Have.

The 31 Club Associates Program can immediately help take you out of dealing in the lower end market, enabling you to have the high end antique & collectible markets within your reach. When you locate high end items you’re not comfortable taking the financial risk on, that’s the time to call us and explore using the Associates Program. We”ll evaluate the item, and if we believe the risk is worth it, we’ll handle the purchase and the sale, and you’ll benefit. With your eyes and our knowledge, we can all accomplish great things together and meet our financial goals.

31 Club Wish List

We’re working on getting the Wish List completed on our website, and not a moment too soon. Everyday we get calls about all kinds of items. Remember the Blog I wrote about Sugar Chests? I’ve got an e-mail about a sugar chest yesterday. I also received a list of Dresden and Meissen from an owner who’s ready to sell it. Once we get the Wish List completed, I’m hoping these e-mails and calls will be directly between members.

Be thinking about what three items you would want to post on your wish list. Jeremy is working on a program that will work effectively to handle this.

The Latest Club Member Buys

I’m so excited to see so many of you getting out there and really extending yourselves in the search for treasure. William just purchased a Mexican oil painting for $40 whose value before the research could be about $500. The palette and the frame of this painting makes this a real winner, and if we can find out who the artist is, it can be worth considerably more.

Two Charles Partridge Adams paintings were purchased by Cecil R., who now has them listed on eBay. In less than three days, the price is over $1,200.

This Antique & Collectibles Season Has Started Out With a Bang, as People Unload Their Homes of Excess Items.

I’ve been receiving auction circulars and estate sale listings from our members wanting my guidance, and boy – I wish I could attend all these really great events. Hunting season should prove very fruitful this year. I’m more convinced than ever before that there is no limit to what each one of you can accomplish if you simply abide by the plan presented in our book, 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles. And when we all network together, our financial dreams can become reality.

Join Daryle Lambert’s 31 Club, today. Rub elbows with like-minded 31 Club Members, and Put a Turbo Charge on your Antique & Collectible Treasure Hunting Skills. Get FREE Mentoring. Learn Inside the Industry Secrets. Learn to Make High Profits and Continue to Grow Your Money Buying and Selling Antiques, Fine Art, and Collectibles. Newbies to Seasoned Dealers.

My 220 page book, 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques & Collectibles is FREE with your membership.

The book is also available on Amazon.com. If you buy the book on Amazon, then the membership is FREE.




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