Antique & Fine Art Markets: Know the Trend and Work It


Lotton Glass Lava & Cypriot Vases. Photo from Lotton Glass Club.
It’s come up upon the first year anniversary since I published my book and launched the 31 Club, and naturally, I’ve been thinking about the past year. I’ve shared a lot of my expertise with blooming antique, fine art and collectible enthusiasts, and it does my heart good to see many of you doing things you never thought you could do. It’s always helpful to visit the past for a brief time and examine what’s occurred, so let’s do that.

When 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques & Collectibles was released, others were stating that the Antique, Collectible, and Fine Art Markets were doomed. I completely disagreed with the barrage of negative articles that came out about this topic, so we decided to go on a crusade to show that these markets, were in fact, healthier than ever.  We wrote about it and sent our articles all over. A look at the market today shows that there are record prices realized in almost every category of the industry, and while I don’t get to read everything around, I haven’t seen negative articles about our industry in a long time. But where is the market headed now? Remember the trend is your friend so let’s check out a few markets.

The American Art Market is still on fire. Paintings that were bringing in only a thousand dollars or two dollars may produce figures today that I’m startled by. I’ll start with some of the markets that I am most familiar with.

Paintings by Kentucky artists have reached heights that most who collect them never thought possible. Harvey Joiner’s paintings, just a few years ago, could be purchased for $400 to $500 dollars. The market trended upward, and the prices escalated to the $800 range. But, over the last 24 months, his paintings may now demand $10,000 to $15,000 and even the smallest 5 to 8 inch paintings can fetch $4,500 at auction.

I have probably sold 30 of Joiner’s paintings over the last 5 years, and I’ll say I wish that I had them back at the prices I sold them for, but that isn’t the way we work in the 31 Club program, is it. We take our profits and move on with our money, and keep it turning. That’s the only way the compounding effect we are looking for will ever be achieved.

Regional Art

The same that we said about prices on Harvey Joiner can also be said about artists such as Carl Brenner and Patty Thum. Collectors are standing in line to purchase works by these artists that are not even their best. The trend in Regional Art is going straight up, so you might want to look into your local market and see if it’s following the trend. If it is, don’t you think it might be worth your while to find some of it?

Art Glass

My friend, Warner, introduced me to Lotton Glass less than five years ago. At that time, we were able to purchase examples of Charles Lotton’s best work for under $500 for small and medium pieces, but what about today?

I pulled out some old auction catalogs from back then to see if there was perhaps a single piece of Lotton represented in the sales. I don’t think I found more than two pieces in any one sale. And there weren’t buyers lined up for these pieces. Flash forward to today and you find that both Early’s Auction and Cincinnati Art Gallery just completed sales with about 40 pieces of Lotton represented in each sale.

Usually when this many pieces of anything are sold at one action, the prices are reduced, but not in this case. Most of the Lotton offerings brought close to retail. So, where’s the trend here? We can still look to make a wonderful profit on this glass if we can buy it right. Most good pieces of Lotton Glass are bringing in over $1,500 and as much as $7,000 or $8,000. I believe this same trend is being followed by most good Art Glass today.

Know What The Trend is and Follow It.
Know what’s in demand today and look to buy these items as you ascend the 31 Steps of our plan. Follow the trend and buy, buy, buy – according to the plan developed in 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antique & Collectibles. When you do, you’ll find you’ll complete these steps in this upward market faster than you could ever have imagined. See you in the winner’s circle.

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