Antique Treasure Hunting Can be a Family Activity and Business

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I was privileged to have one of our members at my house the other day, and she brought her nine year old son along for the ride. I ended up spending a couple of hours with him on the computer and talking about our business. He was intrigued with the thought of making money by going to garage sales. His mother could hardly keep him at my house because he wanted to go out hunting for treasure right away. I’m wondering if his response has a special lesson to teach us.

In our haste to become successful, I hope we haven’t forgotten to take our children along with us. It’s never too early to share how to go fishing, as the Bible tells us. Let’s stop giving our children fish to eat and start teaching them how to fish for themselves at an early age. This way. We’ll never have to worry about them providing for themselves later in life.

My son, Joshua, has more fun going treasure hunting with me than almost anything he does. Often he’ll say, “Daddy, how about that vase over there? Would that be something interesting for us?” Out of the mouth babes, especially if it happens to be an artist signed piece of Rookwood.

He does have a passion for trains and lava lamps, and I encourage him to keep his eyes open for these pieces. When he finds something, we discuss the price that we’d pay for it. If the seller isn’t agreeable to that price, Joshua says “Daddy, that’s all it’s worth, right?” He never seems to be disappointed, he just starts looking for something else. I think that he’s learned some lessons that will serve him well in later life.

The Kid’s Connection is still waiting for more questions to be answered. I’m going to ask Joshua to write about something he’s interested in so I can include it in a future blog. He wants this section of our blog to be attractive to the kids and he’s attending “Apple One on One” at the Apple store so he’ll be able to put up videos and podcasst for the kids. I am still trying to find out what a podcast is.

By spending time with your children treasure hunting, there may be some surprises there for you also. Have you looked at the auction prices for toys these days? It is nothing for a toy to bring $25,000 to $30,000 or more. How about the Hot Wheels VW Bus that sold for $18,000? A box of marbles just sold for almost $20,000. And they say these are children’s toys! I don’t think so. Our member, Marsha, called yesterday to tell me about a metal rocking horse she just bought. I can’t wait to see its value.

Shared time pays great rewards, now and forever. I think a wise man said that I just can’t remember who.

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