Tired of the Stock Market Roller Coaster? Fine Art & Antiques Market is Still Sizzling

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Learning to Build Personal Wealth Trading in Antiques, Fine Art, & Collectibles

One day the stock market is up 150 points, the next it’s down over 200. Over and over again. Are you beginning to grow weary of this roller coaster market? You might even be thinking about exiting the market, where do you go?

The 31 Club’s answer to the roller coaster stock market is to invest some of your money in Antiques, Fine Art and Collectibles. When things are the bleakest for other markets, the Antique, Fine Art and Collectible markets shine.

In this troubled market, it still amazes me when people are able to buy items for a small amount of money and then resell them immediately for many, many times their purchase price. I encourage all who will listen to me to maximize their efforts by investing their money in inventory that can be turned quickly today. I believe we have reached the optimum time to accelerate our efforts to follow the guidelines set out in my book 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles. Regardless of what other markets are doing, we can still profit quite handsomely using the tangible items being bought and sold in a sizzling high end antique, fine art and collectible market like we have today, then following the strategy to grow funds presented in my book. There isn’t a better time to be trading in items that hold their value and appreciate in all types of economic situations.

“Make Hay While the Sun is Shining” is an old saying I take to heart. And, the auctions, estate sales and garage sale markets are in full bloom now, so are you spending the proper amount of time visiting them to fully take advantage of these conditions?

This is the time to encourage people you know to purchase quality Antiques and Paintings and offer your expertise in the field to assure them of investing properly. I was able to assist one of our members in purchasing several pieces of Lotton Glass a few months ago, and today, she could double her money if she wished to sell them. This is at a time when the stock market has lost 4000 points.

I simply love this business. One reason is because it helps insure us against financial setbacks. You carry home insurance, car insurance and life insurance but what kind of insurance can we have in the business? Yes, there is insurance against breakage or other forms of damage to our items, but that doesn’t insure that what we buy will make us profit. But there is a form of insurance we control that costs us nothing: The price you pay for your inventory. When there is a cloud of fear overhanging the financial condition of most people, you just offer less for the items you wish to purchase. Yes, the percentage of items that you buy may shrink, but you will have received insurance at the lower cost to assure your profitability on the items you sell.

An example of this might be that painting that you would have offered $500 for 6 months ago. Today your offer might be $350. Or that Tiffany vase that would’ve caught your attention at a price of $1000, might cause you to want to make that offer today at only $800. This is insurance that you control, and you receive it at no cost. You can’t beat that.

My time in the Smoky Mountains is quickly coming to an end, but I have to admit, I miss all your phone calls and emails. I want to get back to work so I can enjoy all those stories of your successes. I truly do feel that we are forming a community that has the core values I wrote about two days ago: God, Family and Country.

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