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Vintage Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Poster sold on eBay for $199.50

Yesterday, as we drove up to a large building to take the kids to the circus during our vacation, I felt the excitement coming on. I could see pictures in my mind from my youth of the circus train pulling into town while everyone was gathered to see the animals taken from the train. At the circus site, I could see the elephants helping to raise the large tents, while clowns and stilt walkers were everywhere. Indeed, the air was alive with the anticipation of things to come when we purchased a ticket allowing us to enter the world of the circus. Walking through the sawdust and taking my seat on the wooden bench, I remember the feeling of electricity pumping through my body when the large animals were released into the main tent and the lions and tigers began to roar. This was, indeed, a child’s dream come true.

But, somehow, taking the kids to the circus yesterday wasn’t the same. We entered a large building with clean floors. What happened to the saw dust, I wondered, as we found our place and sat upon cushioned seats. I didn’t feel the excitement I felt as a child attending the circus with my family.

You might be wondering what this all has to do with the Antique and Collectible Business, and I would wager that if you are over forty, the things that I just described brought back memories for you that had been long forgotten. Many people keep these memories alive by collecting. And that’s where we come in.

There is a long trail of items that quicken one’s memory of the circus, and these items have been sought after for as long as there have been circuses. This is why I suggest you add these items to your search list, because they can create tremendous returns for you.

Some of the items I’m taking about are old advertising posters and banners. At the time, these were items you couldn’t purchase at the circus, but they have come to represent the best reminder of what we are missing in the present day circuses. The graphics of these masterpieces were true works of art, and even if you’re not a collector, you can’t help but appreciate their beauty. On today’s market, often these items will often bring thousands of dollars, and believe it or not, they are still available to be found.

One of my dad’s business partners was married to a trapeze artist with the Barnum and Bailey Circus, and he took me to their farm for a visit one day. I was near heaven when I saw all the posters and banners showing the different acts plus all the wild animals. But the best part was when we entered their barn. There sat a huge circus wagon that looked to be new. I was allowed to jump up on it and sit in the driver’s seat and had the thrill of my life.

Aside from the advertising banners and posters that weren’t sold to the public, there were many items sold to the public that have become collectible as well. Some of these items are figurines, plastic toys and flags. These might not bring you a fortune, but a collector would reward you handsomely for finding them.

Because of the popularity of the circus, many companies produced items for sale to the public that represented the circus. Two of the best known, Steiff and Schoenhut, who made quality items that have still passed the test of time, may be the best of the circus collectibles. These can bring you thousands of dollars for the rare items. However they don’t even compare with the carousel animals that have been known to bring hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction.

This is only a short list for you to search for, but there are many other things such as paintings, toys, pinball machines and figurines that are also available to the person with the keen eye. If you do a little research on the internet, you’ll be actively educating yourself, and at the end of the day, you’ll find you’re more knowledgeable on this subject. Should you come across any items, you’ll be able to say, “aha,” and just might be able to make yourself a good deal.

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