Vienna Bronze: Secrets & Values

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You may be familiar with Vienna bronzes, but today I might surprise you with a real secret. When you talk to people about bronzes, they usually envision large 2′ or more figurines that may sell for over $100,000. But, they often miss the smaller pieces that can be special in their own right.

I’ve been buying, what are called “cold painted bronzes” for many years, most of them being dogs. These little treasures are bronze figures that are painted to look life like, and most of these pieces will have a foundry mark.

Since I was a canine collector, these very life-like Vienna bronze sculptures appealed to me, and they were also easy to sell for better than average profits. These were small pieces that were less than 4 inches long, and I’d buy them for $2 to $10.

I attended a sale and found five of these on a table, and if my memory serves me right, I think it cost me under $30. Once I was out of hearing range, I let out a huge howl. You see, I may have just bought 5 of these pieces knowing each one would return me at least $500.

Here’s a few examples of the prices of these special treasures: Braye Bull 11 ¾ inches $3450, Bergman Arabs 8 inches $1540. Fredericks bronzes can sell for over $50,000. Mene 13 inch dog $$3500 and Wien animals from $500 up. The prices for these bronzes are usually very friendly when you find them at garage sales or estate sales.

Figurines marked by Bergman bring in thousands of dollars in today’s market, and are a real find. If you find one of these, and it’s real, you can be assured you have found treasure. But, all of this is not the real secret I had in mind for you today.

What do you do with a piece you find marked NAM GREB? You grab it and don’t let it go. Why?


The secret of NAM GREB:

Most of us who do something that is a little naughty want to hide it. Often times, this hold true in art as well. You see the Bergman Company was a well established company who made quality bronzes, but they also wanted to step out and make some erotic pieces for their customers. So, not to smear their image, they marked these erotic pieces with the name of Bergman spelled backwards: NAM GREB.

Often these erotic pieces were hinged, but when you looked at them they looked very conventional. However, when you opened them up, there was usually a nude woman standing there in front of you. One is a mummy opening to a nude lady. This little beauty is worth close to $5,000. I once found one of these priced at about $800. I purchased it and then sold it for close to $5,000. Now you know the secret, and may good fortune smile upon you.

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Civil War Collectibles

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Civil War Era Lyon & Healy Snare Drum is offered for $1,195 at Shotwell Antiques

It’s been a fabulous few days in Baltimore. We visited three ships and a submarine in the harbor. But, the highlight of the day was when a Mexican sailing ship pulled into dock with all the sailors in their white military uniforms. The officers had chests full of medals and you could see their national pride. A formal presentation welcoming the captain to Baltimore by some dignitaries followed.

This put me in a “pride of country mood,” so tomorrow we are going to Gettysburg, the one place often cited as the turning point of the Civil War. I have been reminded of my faith in God and Country by this trip and of how thankful I am to be a citizen of the United States of America. Where else could we have had the opportunity to start the 31 Club, a club that is helping so many people?

The Civil War has produced some of the most collectible items that the world has ever known. This is a field of collecting that can be started for very little money, while the better items can command prices we probably never would have dreamed of. A collection can be started with a single bullet from the war era for a dollar or two.

If you find items used in the war, the are plenty of collectors out there and the rewards will astonish you. Confederate and Union swords can bring tens of thousands in the market place today. A single drum at auction might top $10,000 or more. A uniform could top $100,000 if it belonged to the right person, and weapons have no upper limit. I have seen a single button from a uniform bring thousands of dollars. If the items have records to connect them to a soldier, this will double or triple its value.

The exciting news for you is that Civil War memorabilia is plentiful, and there are many books written on the values of these today. This is one of the areas that our members should familiarize themselves with. Price Guides always come in handy like Warman’s Civil War Collectibles Identification And Price Guide and Illustrated Catalog of Civil War Military Goods: Union Weapons, Insignia, Uniform Accessories and Other Equipment

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Antique Majolica – Knowledge By Sight Will Payoff

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Antique George Jones Majolica Butterfly Cheese Keeper with very slight damage sold on eBay April 27, 2008 for $4,500.

This wonderful colorful pottery known as “majolica” has been reproduced time and time again since the 14th century. As a kid I was always interested in watching films where the ground in great cities of the world were excavated, and the archaeologists uncovered wonderful vases and pots. Many of these had interesting designs, but it was the colors that caught my eye.

Majolica is produced by covering the body of a piece with an opaque, tin enamel, hiding the color of the clay. Whenever a Majolica dealer is set up at an antique show, I can’t pass their booth without stopping in.

Today’s Majolica Collectors have a wide range of items to choose from, so there is plenty of opportunity to form a rather substantial collection. My daughter, Dana, just became interested in these wares, and when Marsha found the oyster plate that I just wrote about yesterday, I remembered Dana’s interest. You see the oyster plate is Majolica.

But we are first in the business to make money, then, if we make some good buys and sells, we just might find ourselves being able to form our own collections from the good trades we’ve made. I told you once that when you follow my lead, you will know where the money is made. So, I’m telling you today, majolica is an area where you can still make some serious money. But you need to be on the inside track and know the secrets.

Many people are afraid to invest in Majolica for a couple of reasons. First, so much of the Majolica is unmarked. Second, it’s still being produced today and they might not know a vintage or antique piece from a current one. This fear keeps many people from investing in it and gives us a tremendous advantage if we seize the opportunity. Once you see and study the real thing, you won’t be fooled after that.

A book that I’d like for you to purchase, and it’s perfectly fine to buy it “used,” is The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Majolica. (There’s links to any of the books I mention at the end of the Blog). This is an older book, but its price makes it a great value compared to the other majolica book prices. Another fabulous book, though pricier, is Majolica: A Complete History and Illustrated Survey. Cindy says Abesbooks has a better buy on this today. These are single, used copies so they go quickly.

It’s also a good idea to get up close to some of these items, so next time there is an Antique Show in your area, make every effort to get there. In fact, I can’t stress enough the importance of attending Antique Shows. You’ll get a close up view of some of the finest examples of most of the items I write about. Nothing replaces a real encounter with an authentic piece.

I said that most majolica wasn’t marked but there is still a lot of it that is marked. For example, one of the best known names in majolica ware is George Jones. If you come across his pieces, just shout “WOW.” Most people would recognize his pieces if they ran across them. Here’s why: There might be an English registry mark on it. His mark might be as simple as a very small circle with a “J” that passes through the C. Two other English companies you might recognize are Minton and Wedgewood. These companies produced majolica wares.

Here are just a few examples of values in marked majolica: George Jones Game Pie Dish – Fox crouching near dead bird – Jones 1875 – 11 inches – $8000. Garden Seat – Birds and Floral – Jones 18 inches – $15,000. I think you’re getting the idea. The wonderful thing about majolica is that there are always willing buyers, yet there are so few people who really know the better pieces.

I’m waiting for Marsha to call me because I might even have a bigger surprise in store for her. The oyster plate she picked up might be George Jones

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Collector’s Encyclopedia of Majolica
At Abesbooks (BEST VALUE)
At Amazon

Majolica: A Complete History and Illustrated Survey
At Abesbooks (BEST VALUE)
At Amazon

George Jones Ceramics: 1861-1951 by Robert E. Cluett
At Abesbooks
At Amazon

Majolica International Society – History of Majolica