Antiques & Fine Art – The New Market During the Financial Storm

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Every day, there’s more bad news about plummeting stock prices, the spiking foreclosure rate, and about the high price of gas and food causing many financial hardships. However, this financial climate has created the perfect storm for those of us working in the antiques, collectibles and fine art markets, particularly those of us who are working the 31 Club Plan.

The 31 Club Plan is the plan I wrote about in my book, 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques & Collectibles, published just last year.

Those of us working this plan are looking to profit substantially by locating and purchasing rare and valuable antique treasures to re-sell to collectors and the world’s wealthy. We work this market because we’re looking to build our financial futures, but find the traditional ways, like the stock markets and company 401K’s, just don’t seem to be doing what we need them to do.

We’ve discovered that there’s a limitless amount of money that can be made in the antique and fine art industry, so we’re getting ourselves up to speed. Many of us were already antique lovers, but some members are just now beginning to appreciate these fine items.

We’re learning, having fun, and meeting great people as we build college funds for our kids, and aim to have enough retirement money to live well, and not just get by. Our members each have their own personal financial goals, and they set their path accordingly. Right now, while the markets might be taking a beating, the higher end of the antique and fine art markets are still a blazing fire. This is where we want to be, and this is what we get educated about at the 31 Club.

By working in the high end of the antique and fine art markets, along with the plan I’ve laid out in my book, you will discover that trading in the kinds of tangible goods sought after by the world’s wealthy will be the path that sets you and your family financially free.

But, first ask yourself if you consider yourself trainable and are okay with doing some hard work. You’ll need to be both.

At the 31 Club, we’re educating ourselves to recognize and locate these high quality items. We’re using specific strategies for buying, selling, and growing profits. And we’re doing it all in the Antique, Fine Art, and Collectible Markets. When we follow this disciplined approach, well – quite frankly we’ll find that people will be counting us among the world’s wealthy.

Right now during this perfect storm, I’ve seem more estate sales advertised then I can possibly attend. I’m certain that antique items that have not seen the light of day in decades will likely turn up, as people sell off their valuables for cash.

In my book, I’ve done my best to lift the veil of secrecy that pervades this business, so that anyone can gain access to it. And when it comes to making money, the simple truth is this:

Money is made buying and selling, not sitting in an investment account or a piece of property. A planned approach to buying low, selling high, keeping your money turning and compounding will enable you to accumulate more cash than your banker or your broker will ever get for you. All in the Antiques, Collectible and Fine Art Markets.

Most 31 Club Members a begin with a $100 purchase in the antique, collectibles and fine art markets, and continue to grow their money from this initial investment. That’s the 31 Club Plan. I’ve laid it out in my book, and I Blog everyday to help educate you. Members e-mail me and call me for guidance. Some of our members are making more progress than they ever thought possible. If you’re new to this blog, stick around and take a look at our archives. We think this is the place you’ll want to hang your hat. And if you’re already a member, let this serve as a reminder to continue on the path.

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Economic Downturn Revitalizing the Antique Market as People Sell off Family Treasures

Daryle Lambert’s 31 Club Blog

May 1st, 2008

Yesterday, Cindy sent me an America Online story link that came up as a featured AOL News story. “People Sell Belongings to Make Ends Meet,” was the AOL story in which Associated Press writer, Anne D’Innocenzio states, “Struggling with mounting debt and rising prices, faced with the toughest economic times since the early 1990s, Americans are selling prized possessions online and at flea markets at alarming rates.” I scratched my head and said, “Hmmmmm.” 

Later in the day, Kovels’ Komments Newsletter showed up in my mailbox. While the Kovels’ are not part of the mainstream press, they are a recognized authority in our industry, and in their newsletter, they acknowledged “The economic downturn has created new sources for antiques and collectibles.” I scratched my head and said, “Hmmmmm.”

Yesterday was April 30th. Didn’t I post a story back on April 18th about the economic downturn and its likely effect on the Antique & Collectible industry as well as its effect on family life? Yes, I did. It’s titled, “Inflationary Times Good for Antique Dealers, Collectors and Families,” and it’s been all over the Internet. Could it be I was ahead of the mainstream call?

Then, Cindy reminded me that we made economic commentary on our April 15th Blog when I stated (and I’m quoting myself here) “Timing is everything, and right now the time is right to be buying at bargain prices. At times like these, when people are stricken with fear, and the market fluctuates, we’ll be able to make our best purchases.” I also wrote in that same article, “It is likely that those who feel weary with our economy will likely sell their better items.” Hmmmmmm.

I’m flattered that others would follow our lead and be in agreement that these are going to be some hard times for people. Yet, at the same time, it will be the best of times for people in the Antiques & Collectibles Industry. The signs of it have already emerged, and Cindy is busy putting together a 31 Club Newsletter that will soon go out to our members about this very topic. If your 31 Club can continue to stay ahead of the pack, then we’ll able to fill our coffers before others get started, won’t we?

Today, I’ve decided to post my April 18th article, with its link, as today’s Blog entry:

Inflationary Times Good for Antique Dealers, Collectors and Families
Daryle Lambert 

With news of inflation heading in an upward direction in energy and food, is anyone really at all surprised? My family has been feeling it for almost a year now. When the newscasters give us the latest figures, do they truly believe we need them to announce it to us? We all go to the grocery store and the gas station and can put two and two together. We know there’s inflation, but this period of time might be just what’s needed to revitalize our families, as well as the Antique and Collectible Markets.

When money is tight, families will likely spend more time together cleaning out their houses of unwanted junk, and be especially on the lookout for items that might be of value. We’ll probably see an increase in the number of garage sales and an increase in items coming up for sale at auction houses. Isn’t this just what we need? I believe this period of time will be like a child going into a candy store. There will be all sorts of candy for us to choose from, and the knowledgeable antique dealer will always spot the best. Our goal at the 31 Club is to make our members one of the best. For those of us who want to make money selling antiques, collectibles and fine art, the time couldn’t be better. The weather is improving, and soon the kids will be out of school. Be sure to include them in your treasure hunting plans because all the children that I’ve run across enjoy going to sales. Often my children have pointed me in the direction of some real treasures.

Aside from these upcoming hard times being good for those of us in the antiques industry, I believe it will be a good time for family. When a family’s gasoline bill out paces their mortgage payment, it makes sense people will be spending more time in their homes with family and friends rather than running all over the country looking for fun, dining and entertainment. We’re likely to go through a period of nesting, as the cost of going out for a simple hamburger will likely cost more than some are willing to spend. Eating at home may become a necessity rather than a chore. Driving around the block a couple of times just to clear our heads could cost you big on gas, so we just might have to head down to the basement and begin working at that workbench we forgot we owned in order to clear our heads. Maybe at that workbench, we’ll be able to construct a toy for our kids, or teach our children something about building.

Days of reading together, cooking together, enjoying family meals while discussing the day’s events, watching educational television and family shows together might just be a great remedy for what seems to ail us. We might even find that walking together after dinner and getting to know our neighbors could bring us amazing joy. Imagine that!

Rather than finding it necessary to continually looking for entertainment outside the home, the hike in prices can produce interest in family events and the sharing of common interests again and again. Like Collecting. Collecting is likely to become more popular, and from this interest, groups will be formed and deeper relationships forged.

Parents might even participate with their children, once again, in hobbies such as stamp and coin collecting. Some of my greatest joys are now coming from talking with my nine-year-old son about Show Globes, Foreign Coins, Webkinz and Nascar. This is a great way for us to spend a quality afternoon or weekend. Many people were writing off the Antique and Collectible business, concerned that there were no new collectors, and that the youngsters had no interest in anything that didn’t scream high tech. But, this tightening of the family budget may produce the next crop of antique and art collectors.

If this sounds like what goes on in the town of Mayberry, and Andy and Aunt Bea might be stopping over momentarily with a delicious out-of-the-oven apple pie to share with you,would that really be all so bad?

I truly believe that in addition to being good for the Antique and Collectible Business, the hard times ahead can be good for our families. By staying home and working together, money is saved and a real sense of joy and pleasure will return to our homes once more. No longer will we have to settle for the artificial pleasure that the world had convinced us we couldn’t live without.

These times seem to be returning, not by choice, but out of necessity. These changes in our lifestyle may leave us with withdrawal symptoms for a while, but in truth, it might be just what we need to get our sanity back. When we do, I’m guessing we’ll feel like we’ve found heaven on earth. When you get off a spinning merry-go-round, it’s often very difficult to keep your balance. But once we keep our feet planted firmly for awhile, it sure is going to feel great. What a great time this can be to reflect upon, and see through clear eyes, what a wonderful and magnificent world God created. And just maybe we’ll find some good antiques, too.

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AOL Article
People Sell Belongings to Make Ends Meet

Economy Bad? Antiques and Art Markets Thriving

The Stock Market was down 250 points yesterday, unemployment rose to 5 %, plus housing sales were the worst in sixteen years. Time to panic, right? Not so fast. This might very well be the best time to be in our business — buying and selling Antiques, Collectibles and Fine Art. In fact, it might even be the best time I’ve seen in the past ten years. With all this bad news circulating on every news channel, how can that be? Let’s examine some facts to find out.
Higher unemployment means more people will be selling some of their possessions. That is good for us.The stock market might plunge and investors might need to get some quick money to meet their margin calls. I’ve certainly seen it before in my days owning a securities firm. If you’re not familiar with the stock market terminology, a margin call is when a person borrows from the brokerage house to buy more stock than there is money in their account to pay for this purchase. As the price of their stocks go down the brokerage house makes the investor put more money up so that the brokerage company doesn’t assume risk for the customer. Where will this money come from? Perhaps artwork and other antiques? It’s a good way to raise capital quickly.

Houses are being foreclosed or sold off, and either way, Antiques, Collectibles and Fine Art, more likely than not, will be coming to the market as people try to resolve some of their financial stresses. Again, these events can be times of great opportunity for us. So let’s be on the lookout and scout out these situations.

As you begin to understand the 31 Club plan, you come to realize that you won’t be hurt even if all other markets go south. How can that be? In part, this plan works on the spread between what you buy something for and what you can sell it for. With a very short time span between the time you buy and then sell, the market will have a very short time to move against you, and the spread that you’ve built into your purchase price should more than protect your profit. Combining this component with the compounding strategy, you will produce amazing cash results for yourself.

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It is hard for most people to believe, but hard economic times create the perfect time to make the most money for those with the knowledge. An important part of our plan is having cash and being able to buy. These funds will be cash that you’ve created working the 31 Club plan.( We never borrow a dime from a bank or anyone else.) In bad markets, more things come to the marketplace to be sold. Since you’ll only be buying the best, there will always be people waiting in line to buy your treasures all over the globe.

When someone needs to sell and you have the cash to buy, it’s usually a done deal. That’s why “Cash is King.” We teach our members strategic buying and selling, not buying everything in sight that might produce a minimal profit. It’s in the strategic buying and selling of only the finest and highest quality items that real cash will be produced and put you in the position to be “King.”

As your buying account grows according to the growth plan we’ve laid out, the balance in this account can become quite large. Once you’ve made your next planned buy, then quickly sold it, you’ll have an even greater amount to go on to your next buying/selling cycle. You can learn about our strategy and all about buying/selling cycles by becoming a member, here.

I have also found that in hard times the chances of purchasing multiple items increases, because people are trying to raise capital. You could always make a better deal for yourself when you are buying more than one item from a seller. If sellers have multiple items, your chance to make a great deal increases tremendously. And if you need help negotiating, we’re just a phone call away.
I have told many of you that the months leading up to the elections should hold great opportunities for us. There is much uncertainty and nervousness, and there will continue to be until November. Happy Hunting.
If you’re looking for the pathway to reach your goals with antiques, collectibles and fine art, the 31 Club can be the venue that will give you the nuts and bolts for successfully buying, selling and profiting in the 21st Century Marketplace. Join us today and rub shoulders with like-minded people.
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