Antiques & Fine Art – The New Market During the Financial Storm

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Every day, there’s more bad news about plummeting stock prices, the spiking foreclosure rate, and about the high price of gas and food causing many financial hardships. However, this financial climate has created the perfect storm for those of us working in the antiques, collectibles and fine art markets, particularly those of us who are working the 31 Club Plan.

The 31 Club Plan is the plan I wrote about in my book, 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques & Collectibles, published just last year.

Those of us working this plan are looking to profit substantially by locating and purchasing rare and valuable antique treasures to re-sell to collectors and the world’s wealthy. We work this market because we’re looking to build our financial futures, but find the traditional ways, like the stock markets and company 401K’s, just don’t seem to be doing what we need them to do.

We’ve discovered that there’s a limitless amount of money that can be made in the antique and fine art industry, so we’re getting ourselves up to speed. Many of us were already antique lovers, but some members are just now beginning to appreciate these fine items.

We’re learning, having fun, and meeting great people as we build college funds for our kids, and aim to have enough retirement money to live well, and not just get by. Our members each have their own personal financial goals, and they set their path accordingly. Right now, while the markets might be taking a beating, the higher end of the antique and fine art markets are still a blazing fire. This is where we want to be, and this is what we get educated about at the 31 Club.

By working in the high end of the antique and fine art markets, along with the plan I’ve laid out in my book, you will discover that trading in the kinds of tangible goods sought after by the world’s wealthy will be the path that sets you and your family financially free.

But, first ask yourself if you consider yourself trainable and are okay with doing some hard work. You’ll need to be both.

At the 31 Club, we’re educating ourselves to recognize and locate these high quality items. We’re using specific strategies for buying, selling, and growing profits. And we’re doing it all in the Antique, Fine Art, and Collectible Markets. When we follow this disciplined approach, well – quite frankly we’ll find that people will be counting us among the world’s wealthy.

Right now during this perfect storm, I’ve seem more estate sales advertised then I can possibly attend. I’m certain that antique items that have not seen the light of day in decades will likely turn up, as people sell off their valuables for cash.

In my book, I’ve done my best to lift the veil of secrecy that pervades this business, so that anyone can gain access to it. And when it comes to making money, the simple truth is this:

Money is made buying and selling, not sitting in an investment account or a piece of property. A planned approach to buying low, selling high, keeping your money turning and compounding will enable you to accumulate more cash than your banker or your broker will ever get for you. All in the Antiques, Collectible and Fine Art Markets.

Most 31 Club Members a begin with a $100 purchase in the antique, collectibles and fine art markets, and continue to grow their money from this initial investment. That’s the 31 Club Plan. I’ve laid it out in my book, and I Blog everyday to help educate you. Members e-mail me and call me for guidance. Some of our members are making more progress than they ever thought possible. If you’re new to this blog, stick around and take a look at our archives. We think this is the place you’ll want to hang your hat. And if you’re already a member, let this serve as a reminder to continue on the path.

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