Daryle Lambert: Live a Funded Life

What’s your number? No, not your phone number, but what’s the number in dollars that you will personally need in order to finance your life during your golden years? After you’ve paid to send the kids to college, that is.
Oh, you don’t have money to send the kids to college? Sure, you can jump through the hoops to try and get grants, the kids can try to get scholarships, and heck — they can even get their own loans. You could get lucky and win the lottery. But, I’m asking you this: If you knew of a way to have enough money to send the kids to college and have enough money to live a funded life during your golden years, would you want to know what that way is? Wouldn’t you want pursue it?
“Well, Daryle, what’s that got to do with Antiques, Collectibles and Fine Art?” Everything!
You see, in the Antiques, Collectibles and Fine Art Markets, making money to stash away for your golden years is so much more effective than anything else. I swear it’s true. I’ve been in the financial securities business. I know how it works. You’ll make the money a whole lot quicker in these market than your banker or stock broker could ever make for you in the financial markets. And you’ll have a lot more fun.
Now, it won’t happen overnight. I’m not talking about getting rich quick. But it will happen faster than it does in the stock and bond markets when you follow a plan.That’s what my book, 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques & Collectibles is all about. That’s what the 31 Club is all about.
We are all working diligently at accumulating a stash of cash, buying, selling and reinvesting right here in the greatest market around — the Antiques, Collectibles, and Fine Art Markets. We’re meeting wonderful and interesting people, learning more than we thought possible, and we’re having loads of fun doing it.
The plan we work with is right in the book, and the help you get to follow it is through the 31 Club. My staff and I are working the plan right along with our readers. And we’re showing a 7,500% return on our initial investment right now– only 8 months into it. And we still have a few items in inventory awaiting sale for even more cash. We’ll use that to fund our next buys.
I show you how to do all this in my book. Then, I continually guide those members of the 31 Club who call me. I show you how you could be assured of living a funded life by working with this plan. For those of you who are sitting on the fence, only reading the Blog day in and day out — What on earth are you waiting for?
Who buys the book and becomes a member? We have young, old, wealthy, and just getting by. We have those who are almost broke, broke, widows, widowers, singles, divorced, in middle school and in college. We have people from all walks of life and professions. There are seasoned antique dealers and people who’ve never known a lick about antiques in their life.

But we have one common insight: We all know it’s going to take a lot of dollars to continue to live well anywhere in the world. We have one common thread: The desire to learn and be active in directing our lives. We have one common goal: To live a funded life, and have fun getting there. Who will fund your life?

Learn about Antiques & Collectibles and Learn How to Invest in Antiques & Collectibles. We use a wealth building plan to get the most out of buying and selling that will help you accumulate enough wealth to last a lifetime. Join the 31 Club. When you join today, you’ll receive my 200 page book, 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques & Collectibles, FREE.

“…I spent about 15 years in the antiques and collectible field
and I can tell you this is one of the best books you will ever
read about making money with art, antiques and collectibles.”

Skip McGrath, Auction Seller’s Resources & EBay Powerweller

“It has been a great pleasure knowing Daryle for more than
10 years. I share his excitement in releasing this book. He is
a man of his word.”
Riley Humler, Cincinnati Art Galleries
Consultant, Antique RoadShow

Want to read more about the 31 Club? Read an article here. If you haven’t yet had a chance to see what we’ve got listed in the 31 Gallery & Marketplace, click on over and take a look. You might even find a real bargain. We’ve got many high quality items priced reasonably. If you have a high quality piece you’d like us to find a buyer for, why not consign your item to us. No high fees when you sell with us.Go to Our Homepage.


Art Investment Returns 11 Times its Purchase Price – Harvey Joiner Painting

The auction in Evansville ended yesterday, and I was able to get some figures on how the 31 Gang’s pieces did. The Harvey Joiner portrait we bought for an incredibly low price made us 11 times our investment, however, even at that, it didn’t sell at what I thought it could. Whoever purchased it got themselves an excellent buy from a terrific artist. Now, with the auction behind us, as well as 2007, I’d like to offer a little background to our new members and Blog readers, as well as update the 31 staff’s investment goals for 2008.In June, 2007, our company released my book about building substantial wealth using the antiques, collectibles and art markets as investment vehicles. In 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques & Collectibles, we propose an investment strategy based upon proven financial principles. At that time, the staff and I decided to walk the talk. Using the principles I speak of in the book, we set up a bank account with $100. From there, we aimed to demonstrate to our readers, that this $100 could be grown into an account worth millions, over time, simply buying and selling antiques, collectibles and fine art. In mid-October, about 120 days later, we released a news story announcing a gain on our $100 of 5,000%. At that time, I stated our next goal would be to begin the new year with a 20,000% gain, or $20,000, all from that initial $100

Well, here we are, and while we did not meet the challenge of building $20,000 in six month’s time, we do show a gain of 7,500% — or $7,500 including a couple small items awaiting sale. So is the glass half full, or half empty?

Being the optimist I am, I see it as half full. When I first showed my plan to people, they said it was too good to be true. ”People don’t listen to get rich quick schemes,” is what I heard. But this isn’t a get rich scheme. And, I will let you be the judge after you study our figures.

Some might say that we didn’t achieve the goals we set for ourselves, however I say we exceeded it in a tremendous fashion. You see, if we had completed only the minimum required in our book, “31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles” and fulfilled the suggested goals for six months, we would have been satisfied with $200 in six month’s time. Instead, we have $7,500. All from a single crisp one hundred dollar bill. I wonder how much I’d have earned in interest had I left this hundred dollars in my banker’s care — or even my broker’s care for that matter.

In the book, I suggest readers invest, at the very minimum, $100, and go through a buy/sell cycle every six months to build wealth. This is enough for you to grow substantial wealth if you stay on schedule while not altering how you live your life right now. Two cycles made each year, done according to the criteria stated in the book should result in a gain of 400% at the end of year one. Now, an account worth $400 might not seem like a stellar account to have, but when you keep up the pace, let’s say for five years, you’d have built an account worth at least $100,000. Just imagine what the figures look like when you continue building each successive year. How about, after 7 years of working this way, having an account worth over $1, 500,000? Why stop now when you might have over three million dollars, if you did it for just one more year?

We at the 31 Club did more buy/sell cycles than the minimum amount suggested in the book. We chose to put our efforts on turbo charge, and in doing so, after six months ended up with $7,500 rather than the $200 we’d have doing the minimum. If we could make 5 more buy/sell cycles in 2008, we could very possibly end up with an account worth $240,000 at the end of 2008. And naturally, we’ll continue to keep you posted on our progress.

Not resting on our laurels, we have already committed to the purchase of several paintings that we have estimated could very well triple our account in the next 90 days. Remember, the purpose of what we want to achieve can only happen if we continue to spend the money in our account. Any money that is sitting idle in the account for any period of time is really a dead weight on the progress that we wish to obtain. This doesn’t mean that we should use our money unwisely, but it does mean that you we should be on a constant hunt for items which meet our criteria. We’re also beginning to purchase more rare and valuable items. We don’t want to be spending our time trying to unload a bunch of common items that will create busy work for us. Listing small inexpensive items is not productive or profitable. Rare and more valuable items sell quickly and won’t tie up funds we’ll need to make our next purchases.

It’s my hope that others are going to soon wake up and realize that this is a new way of thinking and the 21st century way of working this market. Having “the millionaire mindset,” as Cindy would say. This story can be about you. But, like driving a car, until you turn the key and step on the accelerator, you won’t go anywhere. Joining 31 Club will be the key that turns on your car. If you already have the key, what’s keeping you from hitting the accelerator?

I am so sure that you can change your life with the program outlined in my book if you apply the principles. I will pledge myself to mentor your steps until you have completed your journey to success.

You might soon be hearing about the successes in the 31 Club, but by then, I hope you will have completed several steps of your own plan. The stage is set. Rev up your engines and hit the throttle.

This is personal wealth building for the 21st century at its finest.
Discover how our book can be the tool that helps you become financially free buying and selling antiques, collectibles and fine art the 21st century way.Be sure to visit our web site for more information about how you can join the 31 Club Wealth Building and start your own race to your millions! Read more about The Million Dollar Challenge.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to see what we’ve got listed in the
31 Gallery & Marketplace, click on over and take a look. You might even find a real bargain. We’ve got many high quality items priced reasonably. If you have a high quality piece you’d like us to find a buyer for, why not consign your item to us. No high fees when you sell with us. Contact us here.