Recession? In Antiques & Fine Art?

This Meissen Clock recently sold on eBay after 29 bids for $6,352.51

If you can find what the collector is looking for, then recession doesn’t figure into the equation. There doesn’t seem to be any lack of funds in the upper end Antique and Fine Art markets. I’ve stated this to you on many occasions. But, as news of the volatile stock markets continue, it’s important to me that I find evidence of this so we don’t get run over by the economic dark cloud that pervades this period of time and become paralyzed with fear. Our industry is still very sound, and I remain very positive. Why?

Watching all the current auctions is part of what’s convinced me that all is well. Even yesterday, I received a call from a collector, Paul. He called me about one of the paintings we listed on ……!!! (If you’ll remember, a few days ago I recommended you try this.) Now this was not some lower end item, but rather the William Horton we have with an asking price of over $20,000.

Paul assured me that money was no object, and that he was finding that now is the best time he’s seen in years to buy the treasures he’s been looking for. In fact, as we conversed, he told me that one of his favorite artists is Leon Dabo, and his personal collection of this artist’s work exceeds 100 paintings. This really got us talking because, only a couple of years ago, I sold two wonderful Dabo paintings.

So, I’m passing this on to you: We have a good customer for works by Leon Dabo. If you find one, or have one you want to sell, we have the buyer.

It didn’t take long before Paul and I were talking about our other interests, and he told me he’s always looking for Meissen pieces to add to his already extensive collection of Meissen. I asked Paul how he thought the prices for Meissen was holding up in what some perceive as hard times. His answer might surprise you. “My problem isn’t the price, but I just can’t find the pieces,” he told me.

Recession? In Antiques & Fine Art? What recession? You can now add Meissen to your list as your hunt continues.

If you’re not familiar with Meissen, I suggest that you go to eBay and look at all the completed auctions. This will give you a start in recognizing pieces made by the Royal Meissen Factory. There are many fake pieces, but the fakes are rather easy to identify. I hope that most of you have already purchased Kovel’s New Dictionary of Marks. This is a necessary tool, if you want to succeed in this business. A used copy is just fine.

So, turn off the TV News, and keep moving forward. Start gathering your list of estate sales and auctions for this coming weekend and for next week. Chart your course and don’t look back.

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How To Sell Antiques To Quickly Turn Your Money

Daryle Lambert’s 31 Club Blog

Selling is the last piece of the puzzle to fall into place. However, it is the one part of the puzzle that requires the least amount of time and research. You might be surprised by that statement. I am often asked, “I know I can buy the item, but what’s my guarantee I can sell it?” When I’m asked that, I tell them they’re on the wrong side of the dog. Why?
When you buy any antique, collectible or piece of fine art following the rules for buying I wrote about in 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques & Collectibles, customers will be lined up at your door. I don’t say this to minimize the importance of selling, rather to stress the importance of buying. If an items is purchased right, according to the criteria I’ve set up in my book, selling doesn’t become a big issue. I can tell you in just a few paragraphs how to sell. But, making good buys is something you’ll be learning for the rest of your life and is the far more important component. With that said, let’s set some rules for selling so we can get the biggest bang for our buck.


Working From a Collectors List is Essential For Your Success

Note what auction companies set high records and keep a list of those companies. One of the things I do is cut out articles from AntiqueWeek, Maine Antique Digest, and Antique Trader about items that have set high records, making a note of the auction company who made the sale. I then put it in a clip file that my 9-year-old son, Joshua helps to maintain. This way, if I come across a similar item, this company will be a possible place to consider selling through


The Necessity of Trade Subscriptions

Antique Week, Maine Antique Digest and Antique Trader all carry articles about auction results, so I’d get a subscription. I follow auction results of some of the larger specialty auction houses like Treadway Galleries, Rago Arts & Auction Center & Cincinnati Art Galleries for pottery and glass. Find the specialty auction houses for the items that interest you, as well. I also start a file on Doll Auctions, Toy Auctions and so on. This way, I won’t have to search long for the right place to sell my items.

Deciding Where to Sell Your Antique & Collectible Item

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