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As auto companies lay off employees and reduce the models they produce, and the price of gas has us wondering if that van or SUV was worth buying, we might begin to ponder where the auto industry is headed. It seems like fuel efficiency will be the priority in modern car design. With that in mind, it’s likely the design features that made us say “Wow” like likely large fins, bugged lights, and retractable tops will fade away, only to remain in the corners of our memories. But, there are some snazzy cars that already have all the design bells and whistles on them, and they won’t cost a penny in gas. In fact, they’ll put money right into your pocket. I’m talking toy cars. Like the Hot Wheels brand. These collectible treasures can become your best friends.

I believe that toy model cars will become even greater collectibles than they are today. You see, as designs of yesteryear disappear, these toy models will keep the exciting features of these older cars alive and fresh in our memories. Young people today will never be able to drive in a Cadillac that’s as long as a train, or ride in a Gull-winged Mercedes Benz. In fact, I doubt they’ll ever know they’ve missed something special, and what a shame that is.

Collectible toy and model cars keep climbing in price every day. I’ve written about this before and at that time, I mentioned a toy VW Bus that sold for over $18,000. It seemed to me that this was the exception, until I looked on eBay and found a toy car that sold for $7,200, as well as many others that brought in over $4,000.

Many companies made these toy cars such as Wyandotte, Hubley, and Dinkey Toys. Tooties and the more modern line, Hot Wheels and Matchbox Cars can substantially fatten your wallet. Plus, when you add in the valuable and collectible tin toys made in Japan, you’ll have an unlimited supply to find. If you find one along with the original box, it’s even more valuable. Often, the box is worth as much as the toy. Condition is very important, and the closer it is to mint condition, the higher the price.

There are plastic cars from the 50’s and 60’s that are collectible, tin toys from Japan, German tinplate cars, diecast models, and many more. If you’re a 31 Club Member and you’d like a listing of over 1000 Toy Car Brands E-mail Cindy with your Member Password in the Subject at She’ll send it by e-mail to you.
If this is an area in the Antique & Collectible world that holds great interest to you and you’d like to focus in this area, there are many collector clubs. These collectors clubs are a great place to sell your items, so you might want to add them to your list and start making contacts. And who knows, you might even meet collectors who are looking to sell their collections. As I’ve said before, forming relationships in this business is essential.

I still have a cast iron racer my Uncle Warren Dee brought for me soon after returning home from serving two terms as a tank commander in the Pacific during the war. He died in a motorcycle accident shortly after his return, so I’m not likely to part with it. It keeps his memory alive for me, but I imagine is has great value today for collectors.

There are several good books and price guides out there, and it wouldn’t hurt to have some of these handy when you come across something and want to know if its something valuable to collectors.
Toy cars are where its at, no upkeep or gas required just pleasant memories and money in your pocket. You can’t beat that no matter how hard you try.

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  1. Buying car antique is a little different getting regular antique, the car is an engine that can drive, and the older it gets the worse the technology. Regular antiques focuses on beauty and perfection, the older it gets the harder people works on it, because they didnt make it to make a living…

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